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Earthscape - The Trials of NYC

Words from a Tortured Man Trapped in 666 Ampoules
Filled with Piss

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February 2004
s6k gets a new/old network media partner

VFactory (lead by Michele Ford, Co-founder of Unit 4 Video 1987) will now be supporting select video on demand projects for s6k.

We currently have 2 tests that feature DJ Darryl Hell available at:

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January 2004
Earthscape - The Trials of NYC (DVD) TRT 29:38
a Sektor 6 Kommunikations production
Out Now

On sale now @ Voidstar Productions' Voidstore

In a return to his bmx freestyle roots, Darryl Hell embarks on a journey of street jammin' and wackiness. If you were to combine the flow of a surfing video with the crazed attitude of Monte Python's Flying Circus' 1972 gem, "And Now for Something Completely Different," you'd have this production.

"It's like trying to ride on Mars...and liking it." DH

With RJ Rabin, Gardner Post, Wolfgang Busch, Rachel Fleet, and a cast of thousands, or maybe just a bunch of people, Hell serves up an energetic romp attacking the terrain of New York City, riding one of the most innovative freestyle vehicles created in years. Also includes some choice bmx bits that example Hell's freestyle roots.

The soundtrack features bangin' experimental hyperfunk from:
- Abstinence
- Adam Matta (beatboxer / vocal freestylist)
- Dave Scott
- DJ D/Hell
- Lloop
- Nau-Zee-auN
- Xris Flam (Mindswerve Studio, NYC) - producer on "Deathrow Tull" track

After Hell received a call from RJ Rabin, who was offering his new toy (The Trikke 8) for Hell to ride, at first sight, Hell knew this was a different kind of toy. The style Hell quickly began working with was "Trials" riding. Trials is a bicycle sport that utilizes balance and aggressive ollying techniques to maneuver over various obstacles and terrains.

Hell has over 20 years of experience as an expert freestylist. He was known for a 40+" (ollie) bunnyhop (1981), doing the first bmx flatland backside boneless (1986), produced / performed / choreographed the first bmx demos that featured live hip hop scratch dj's & breakdancers (1982), and created an overall technique that combined bmx freestyle, skateboard tricks (transferred to bmx), and trials mountain biking, which enabled him to ride diverse terrains ranging from street to ramps to pools to mountain/dirt, and anything else that was rideable.

Executive producer
Darryl Hell
Associate Producer
Wolfgang Busch
Darryl Hell
Wolfgang Busch, Darryl Hell, Michele Ford
Darryl Hell, RJ Rabin
Post-production & soundtrack editing
Darryl Hell
Written by
Darryl Hell

>>> w/free bonus track (limited edition only)
Words from a Tortured Man Trapped in 666 Ampoules Filled with Piss

an A Clockwork Orange - video remix by Darryl Hell
1998 - TRT 36:00

This video is a freaked out remix of the cult classic. It transforms from a multi-layered distorted video with a dark noise soundtrack to a dark noise soundscape with the movie dialog buried within, serving as a sample bed.

The remixed music was produced by
Operation: Mindwipe & Magic Sound Butcher

video editing, sound mixing, and concept Darryl Hell

Enjoy...and you're welcome.

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