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s6k Artist Toolbox
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artist legal services

Official Legal Council of s6k & Real University

We always remind artists that the business behind their art is as important as the creation of it. Don't be had. Get informed.
Their practice provides a variety of vital artist services.

arts related politics and legislation

Is the new NYC "Nightlife License" a bait and switch for Cabaret Laws? Will it set a President for the Country?

The Rave Act: The Law that might Change How You Attend and Produce Events in the U.S.

event production assistance

Bleeding the Artists; The Exposure Carrot Exposed

Hellraver Productions - A cool production company that has a stable of music artists, DJ's, remix producers, ect. They also provide tour management and a variety of band services.

How to organize an event the Voidstar Productions Way

International list of DJ's spinning industrial, noise, electro eclectic and experimental music

Voidstar Productions DJ list

media sales and distribution

The Voidstore

To buy the latest elektro, industrial, noise, powernoise, and various experimental/eclectic music.

Voidstar Productions and its Voidstore can also distribute your media. (dvd, cd, cassette, video, vinyl, 8-tracks, music scrolls, ect.)

PMSCPC Music [music resource database] Keeping music free

They present a variety of music genres. Also features music news, promotional info and other artist related services.

Search for music, get "real" reviews & find out if the music you buy is being released by a member of the RIAA

music production

Xris Flam's Mindswerve Studio
the mindset: swerving away from conventional thinking...
the hybrid: blending genres and mediums: from sound to sight, online and off...
the crew: multi-talented media architects challenging the bleeding edge...
the studio: a pod of technology, merging physical and virtual realities

Mindswerve has worked with such bands as Korn, Public Enemy, DJ Spooky, Nick Cave, DJ Soul Slinger & Chico -Science, Mindless Self-Indulgence, KMFDM, Unit, Metallica, Sepultura and Rachid to name a few.

Click here to check out the new site. It's in beta, but has relevant information and a kick ass new look & feel.

the life experience forum

We want to introduce you to our Life Experience Forum.
For many years, artists have been screwed over and had nowhere to turn. That's where we come in.

We will provide you with a forum to tell people about YOUR artistic life experiences. Recycling your stories will help someone learn a valuable lesson, and hopefully avoid the pitfalls you (or we) couldn't. Try to stay on the facts and away from insults. Also, be sure to tell where you think you made your mistakes. All stories will be presented unedited.

We do not want to use the names of the venues or people involved. We will use a "[redacted]" symbol in the place of any name, company or exact location. We just want the complete situation, as truthfully told as memory permits, to inform and hopefully serve as a warning to someone else.

At the end of each story we will provide a commentary entitled "Time to Break it Down." This is a way to extract the primary points.

Send us your story. email - contact@s6k.com

You are also asked to comment on the stories to flush out all the lessons to be learned. email - contact@s6k.com

Life Experience Forum Letters
stories are listed by title in alphabetical order

Losing the Rights to Your Story

Is There a Real Difference Between the Underground Industrial and the Mainstream Music Biz?






































March 2004

s6k Arts question of the Month (Mar 2004)
The noise revolution...What defines music for you?

Email your answers or comments to contact@s6k.com

February 2004
s6k gets a new/old network media partner

VFactory (lead by Michele Ford, Co-founder of Unit 4 Video 1987) will now be supporting select video on demand projects for s6k.

We currently have 2 tests that feature DJ Darryl Hell available at: http://www.vfactory.us/s6k

Stay tuned...

December 2003

s6k Arts question of the Month (Dec 2003)
Is the art you explore as a spectator in your "downtime" the same as the art you create?

Yes or no
Email your answers or comments to contact@s6k.com

Is the new NYC "Nightlife License" a bait and switch for Cabaret Laws?

It seems our Mayor has another "fine idea." In an alleged attempt to deal with the riddiculous Cabaret Laws. This is something that everyone should be concerned about. Since NYC is alleged to be the vanguard of "club" cities, the laws enacted here might easily trickle into communities acrossed the country.

The sad thing is that this law will all but ensure the club-goers of today will never know what it was like to go to a NYC club. Do you remember the days before metal detectors? How about clubbing before the "War on Drugs?" Anyone who does, is now traveling back through the recesses of their mind to those wonderful moments of true, mostly safe, communal escapism.

"Establishments with capacity levels of 500 or more occupants will be required to have one state-certified security guard for every 50 occupants. These guards would also be responsible for maintaining order outside the establishment when needed."

As stated by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), the new ‘Nightlife License’ requires security guards. Does this mean that our tax dollars are going to go to people who will be payed to watch us while we're in a club or lounge?

Going to clubs is supposed to be a way to be free and relax from the daily worklife / life / family issues. How "free" are you going to feel with "Dick Tracy" spying on you? As stated here, It doesn't state whether they will be undercover or in uniform?

This means that the average medium-sized clubnight, which has approximately 600 people, will be forced to have a minimum of 12 state authorized security guards. The logical question would be, will some of these guards be government agents from the DEA, FBI, or other agency? Well, if history is our teacher, it seems pretty likely. The next time you walk into your fave venue, check the number of people that are "legally" allowed. You will be truly shocked if you never noticed before.

"Following New York City Department of Environmental Protection standards, the DCA will be authorized to enforce the Noise Code using digital sound meters recognized by the industry."

What?! Though I'm not sure what the "legal" level ceiling will be, I can bet that your fave venue is going to seem a little quieter and, possibly, a bit like being at a chaperoned school dance.

To read the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) press release for the "Nightlife License," click here.

To read the outgoing Cabaret Laws, that are still on the NYC.gov site,
click here

Everyone should speak up, before the clubs go silent.

November 2003

s6k Arts question of the Month (Nov 2003)
Was the Madonna/Britney Spears "smooch" during the MTV Music Awards a crude promotional stunt to; (a) update Madonna's role as "shock" woman, (b) give Britney a much needed edge to cross her over from the teenage market to the 14 to 30 year old demographic?

Yes or no
Email your answers or comments to contact@s6k.com

September 2003

The Rave Act could be one of the most invasive tools for government agencies to monitor and or disrupt club productions as well as "alternative use" (outlaw parties) event venues.
Click here for complete story.
August 2003

Please read this message from
our co-founder Deftly D.
(First a Hell note) WJUL DESERVES to be SAVED. It has been the bastion of independent music for years. Soon after I met Deftly, in 1989, he introduced me to WJUL. Their playlists are clearly in the top tier of indie radio stations. If you are interested in preserving artistic integrity on (y)our public airwaves, please check this out, and more importantly ACT on it.

Deftly will take it from here.
WJUL's staff are fighting against U Mass Lowell and the Lowell Sun (a newspaper owned by a major media conglomerate) to keep WJUL, a non-profit student and community run radio station from loosing a large chunk of it's airtime to the Lowell Sun.

For my personal interest I DJ'ed at WJUL for 10 years. It was and still is the only source for non-commercial music and views on the radio dial in the town I grew up in and well as many other communities covering hundreds of square miles.

In the era/error of Clear Channel and the FCC's attempts to deregulate media monopolies it's more important than ever to speak up when things like this are attempted against the community run station in your area.

See http://www.savewjul.org/ for all the details and updates on how you can get involved.


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