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Research support sheet v2.0 - Created by Darryl Hell

Please use this to begin or to aid in the continuance of your journey into the world behind (y)our world

URL Name if needed description Institute for Public Accuracy Superb media and governmental policy analysis.   Independent news website   Boycott list resource. You can post your lists and/or join others. Great way to spread information about your cause(s).    Transcripts and information on congressional hearings and other pertinent legislative issues. Center for Defense Information Information on military procedures, purchasing & waste from top ranking members of the military itself.   Socio-political & legislative information. Center for Reproductive Law Legislative information on the ongoing struggle for women’s reproductive rights & freedoms Common Sense for Drug Policy Information on legislative & punitive issues related to drug laws and policy.   Augments its broadcast channels. (note) C-span is a great place to find out about U.S. policy creation and policy makers directly from the source without biased opinion. Also great source for lectures, panel discussions and conferences.   Sociopolitical information and media.   Information on drug legislation Electronic Frontiers Freedom Governmental watchdog org focusing on electronic media privacy, legislation and rights   Augments a radio program on WBAI 99.5 fm NYC 5pm to 6pm Tuesdays.
Governmental policy analyses by former deep cover DEA agents. Agents from various divisions from the Intelligence Agencies and the military tell their real world, on the front lines stories about how our government really works. Plenty of streaming media on their site to hear prior shows and more.   Bulletin board site for youth information resources Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting The best source for in-depth analysis of the mainstream media.   AIDS information U.S. General Accounting Office Governmental budgetary oversight information   Information from the hacker underground. Augments WBAI radio show – Tuesdays 8-9pm   Health / sociopolitical information. Has a massive user-friendly library for research and thousands of research papers on health / sociopolitical information. Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Deformation Gay / lesbian / BI-sexual / transgendered protest and deformation information.   An organization dedicated to helping children and teens educate themselves about the global community’s social, political & financial processes. Gay Men’s Health Crisis Gay health information   The webs most useful search engine. You can find any information on Google! ANYTHING!   Women’s history   Analysis on broadcast media advertising   A mediocre history information resource, but works well as a starting point toward deeper research.   Gay / lesbian / BI-sexual / transgendered info & media. It augments its broadcast PBS program   Transcripts and other information on judicial rulings National Security Archive Released files on governmental operations, expenditures and engagements. A great resource to silence the opinionated “Rush L” crowd! Get the documents and go forth! New Women’s History Project Women’s history   Governmental policy analysis directly from government documents. Has a searchable database.   Gay / lesbian / BI-sexual / transgendered information School of the Americas Watch A watchdog organization whose focus is the Latin American military leaders that have trained by the School of the Americas / Fort Benning based in Virginia. Many human rights violations have been attributed to its alumni.   Information about space initiatives and the utilization of technology in space.   Media and social policy analysis. The DiMille Center founded by Armand DiMille Really great alternative mental health and emotional / personal management info and help. This augments his radio program on WBAI 99.5 fm NYC 1–2 pm Tues thru Thurs
 In this world, we all need it. World Radio Network website Information on an international roster of public radio stations. (note) Usually aired in the U.S. on National Public Radio.   Independent news website. This correlates with it’s print publication (Z Magazine) themanual.html KLF's How To Have A Number One Hit The Easy Way Wit and wisdom from the KLF (Kopywrite Liberation Front) on hot to climb the charts. Much of their advice can be used for far more than music.
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