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Operation Impact changes its name to Impact Unit

The name Operation: Impact has its origin in a multi-media gallery which was titled "Impact Arena". Impact Arena was the first exhibit of its kind in Times Square, New York City to deal directly with the devastatingly lasting affects of Jim Crow laws in the United States.

This exhibit ran for 2 weeks in Spring 2001 during the chashama Theater @ Times Square Windows on 42nd Street series.

Operation: Impact was and is intended to show, by example, how a single person with no major resources or funding can have an impact on their community if they are willing to focus and apply themselves.

Our programs are funded with the money that most people spend weekly in bars, chasing expensive fashion trends, buying "40's" and on cigarettes, that we don't.

The objective is to use experimental artistic modalities to create socially proactive community actions. In other words, we will find new, hopefully more efficient ways to do the work people have been doing for years. We will also work to creatively find those concepts that others might have thought of but didn't know how to bring to fruition.

"You can't fail when it's the effort of doing that's your goal."
Darryl Hell

The Operation: Impact Educational CD Distribution Series concept was created in September 2002, implemented in December 2002, and the pilot program launched February 2003.

The Operation: Impact Community Works Program was an outgrowth of the CD program and was launched in May 2003.

We have learned that that the New York City Police have launched a program in Jan 2003 by the name of Operation: Impact. This program has had mixed affects on communities of color throughout the city. This program has resulted in the police entering communities, sometimes not as the friendly cop(s) on the street to keep things cool, but as an invading force that has often further eroded the already tenuous relationship between the community and the police.
We have no connection with this program.

Operation: Impact will now go by the name
Impact Unit Community Works

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