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Luis Colon
- Real University Staff Member

Luis Colon Archive Quick Links (in alphabetical order)

- America vs The UN...
- 1971, Congressional Record-Bilderberg
- 60 Minutes-Bones Report
- AmeriKa
- Bush Sr. praises Reagan for New World Order
- Chomsky on the New World Order
- CIA Asset
- Confessions
- Cracking the C.I.A.
- Cynthia McKinney Goes to Brooklyn
- Fourth Amendment Takes a Fatal Blow
- Homeland 2004 pt. 1
- Homeland 2004 pt. 2
- Homeland 2004 - pt. 3
- House of Bush, House of Saud
- Imperial America
- Iraq: One Year Later
- John Edwards - Bilderberg Approved
- New World Army
- Nic Berg; PsyOps?
- Operation Northwoods
- Operation Northwood-Lies,Provocation & ...Terror
- Pentagon Strike
- Prior Knowledge Confirmed
- Sibel Edmunds, ex-FBI, Sends Letter to 9/11 Comm.
- Skull and Bones documentary

- Social Conditioning of the Youth
- The 9/11 Cover-Up Continues

- The Invisible Government
- The Iron Triangle; The Carlyle Group Documentary
- The Order Pt. 1
- The Order Pt. 2
- The Order Pt. 3
- The Order Pt. 4
- The Order Pt. 5 (Shadows of Power)
- The Pentagon's New Map
- The Pentagon's New Map - The New Video
- Time For a Little "Bones" Rattling
- 9/11; The Road to Tyranny
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