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Keiko Uenishi - Real University Staff Member

April 2004

dear everyone who graciously accepted [eluxe] list,
share will throw its mighty workaholic self into
a massive 8 hours / 14 locations worldwide networked
collaboration in one night

we are hoping this experience will open up some way to collaborate over the network more often and more easily.
the communication and spontaneous projects popping up everywhere in all related locations. read on for details!! purely excited:::

anyware - 'networked audiovisual collaborations'
presented by SHARE
live @ the kitchen, 512 w. 19th st. (bet. 10th & 11th aves.), nyc

Thursday, April 15th, starting at 8 p.m. ('til 11 p.m.)
worldwide online livecast 3-11 p.m. (links will be at )

Welcome to 'anyware' at 'the Kitchen'
This is New York's venue for public performance of the online 'anyware' event. It is just one portal into associated events going on in 14 cities around the world; available for viewing online starting at 3pm (EST) and ending 11pm (EST); Tonights program at the Kitchen begins at 8pm (EST).
Artists are collaborating from remote locations to generate an enveloping audio visual experience for your entertainment. Around the room are headphone stations with screen monitors from which we invite you to take a look at different contributions streaming in from 3 continents. Over The Kitchen's house PA and on multiple projection surfaces around the room, you may witness the collaborations from our perspective here as we tune in and create fresh media locally to then stream back out into the ether.

NYC / 8:00 - 11:00 p.m. @ the Kitchen(not in the order of appearance except hae young kim performing for online earlier..)

hae young kim --- in remote collaboration with --- xgz (in amsterdam or brussels) to participate in the project in Prague (see below), livecast 4-7 p.m.

burun --- in remote collaboration with --- Leafcutter John (at annetteworks in london)
For those about to rock, we salute you.

koosil-ja --- in remote collaboration with --- aaron spectre (moonbunny / struktur / berlin, at ausland in berlin)

Shelley Hirsch + Eric Redlinger + Michael Liegl + Dan Vatsky --- in remote collaboration with --- "Paisagens, Vozes" (Bryan Jurish & Hans-Martin Gärtner, in berlin) 's project --- and with Isabelle Jenniches (in Los Osos, CA) -- and with Michelle Teran (in Toronto)
This bi-continental collaboration is centered around text surges generated live by Bryan Jurish & Hans-Martin Gärtner at Ausland in Berlin -a continuous flow of context-free grammar is being shared by all participants and incorporated into audio-visual explorations. Software-specific idioms are augmented by the shared meta-language OSC (open sound control) which serves as a digital babelfish to enable different software engines to talk to each other.

o.blaat --- in remote collaboration (performing klaus filip's 'tripple duo') with -- klaus filip (at rhiz, vienna) --- and with --- boris hauf (at ausland, vienna)
Tripple Duo: by Klaus Filip, ~ 3places 3musicians 3duos 3streams ~
The custom Max Patch 'Lloopp' played by each of these performers enables them to control an additional computer located at the side of their respective duet partners (in another city). Thus (each with an additional computer by their sides) a circle of duets is formed, each participant playing with one but leading the next.

Eric Redlinger + Michael Liegl + Dan Vatsky -- in remote collaboration with -- Arri (in Amsterdam) -- and with -- Isabelle Jenniches (in Los Osos, CA) -- and with Michelle Teran (in Toronto)
on this translocal playground it's live generated media only -minimal sounds and visuals made from scratch -a celebration of friendships across continents

north guinea hills + sean smith
north guinea hills and sean smith will be performing a realization of bernard parmegiani's "jeux de ange" (1964). indeterminancies w/in structured contexts will be layered w/ realtime samples. sometimes pure stream of consciousness, other times strictly composed. also to be played, north guinea hill's duo for an exterior ediface of and apartment percussion and jet traffic.

Amoeba Technology (Lu(x)z + Seemonkey + Dok + MASA + Tomstir)


~~~~~~~~ remote locations' schedule ~~~~~~~~~~~

London / 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. (EST) at annette works with resonanceFM
( ,

Phil Durrant (violin)
Rob Flint (live visuals)
Leafcutter John (live sampling) --- in remote collaboration with --- Jodi Shapiro aka burun (at The Kitchen, NYC)
Ryoko Kuwajima (sitar and laptop)
Joe Gilmore (audio)
Kaffe Matthews (theremin and live processing)

with ilze black, streaming coordinator/manager/magician/mistress or.. /

with kind support from

Barcelona / 3:00 - 9:00 p.m.(EST) at the Pakistani Barrio/ with
solu --- in remote collaboration with --- Yves Degoyan (will be in ljubljana on 15.4) with Luka Princic and Dunja Kukovec (also in ljubljana)
eduardo imasaka
alex nice noise
fernando casanas
felix luque

Prague / 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. (EST), then re-broadcast later, at Club Jeleni
"Beyond the Dream Syndicate"
sineloko floating raft acrossTime - Space
collaborative event conceived by Lemuria TAZ (Milos Vojtechovsky, Jan Dufek, Ladin Zelezny, Jan Bartos),
collaboration: Martin Janicek --- in remote collaboration with --- xgz (in amsterdam or brussels), Akihiro Kubota (in tokyo), and Hae Young Kim (in NYC) - all in society of algoritm
tributed to Tony Conrad and pigeons

Brno / 4:00 - 9:00 p.m. (EST)
"Cell Interactive Ambient - (C.I.A.)"
(In remote colaboration with currently available Anyware stream locations.)

(C.I.A.) - tuning in accross the worldwide cell/room activity. Creating
simultaneous ambient feedback connections and exploring the
audio/video/data interaction among the worldwide cells through live
interactive processing of multi-layer feedback streams from multiple
(Performing artists: Michal Marianek, Robert Morkovsky, Fiip Nerad, Vaclav Ondrousek, Dusan Urbanec)
Tune-in later at:

Ljubljana / 3:00 - 8:30 p.m. (EST) at cyberpipe
yves degoyan ------ in remote collaboration with solu (barcelona); Luka Princic and Dunja Kukovec (Ljubljana)
Luka Princic
Dunja Kukovec

Berlin / 5:00 - 10:00 p.m. (EST) at ausland
aaron spectre (moonbunny / struktur / berlin ) --- in remote collaboration with --- koosil-ja (at The Kitchen, NYC)
"Paisagens, Vozes" (Bryan Jurish & Hans-Martin Gärtner) --- in remote collaboration with --- Shelley Hirsch + Eric Redlinger + Michael Liegl + Dan Vatsky (at The Kitchen, NYC) --- and with Isabelle Jenniches (in Los Osos, CA) -- and with Michelle Teran (in Toronto)
boris hauf (berlin) ---in remote collaboration with (performing klaus filip's 'tripple duo') --- klaus filip (in rhiz, vienna) ----- and with --- o.blaat (at The Kitchen, NYC)

Vienna / 5:00 - 10:00 p.m. at rhiz
dieb13 - turntables, computer
stefan geissler - hohner e-piano, electronics
michaela schwendtner "jade" - visuals
klaus filip - 'tripple duo' - in remote collaboration with ---- o.blaat (at The Kitchen, NYC) ----- and with ---- Boris Hauf (at ausland, Berlin)

Montreal / 8:00 - 11:00 p.m. (EST) at SAT ( )
In Montréal, La Société des arts et technologiques (SAT) presents a collection of experimental and improvisational electronic music from 4 local practitioners and one collective, combining minimalist and noise aesthetics with generative laptop composition. Broadcasting live from the sound studio @ SAT with the technical wizardry of Jean-Michel Dumas.
Tomas Phillips
tobias c. van Veen
Sylvain Aubé
Physical Noise Theatre

Toronto / 8:00 - 11:00 p.m. (EST) at Ryerson Univ/York Univ
Ben Bogart
Jeremy Rotsztain
Michelle Teran -- in remote collaboration with -- Eric Redlinger + Michael Liegl + Dan Vatsky (at The Kitchen, NYC) -- and with -- Isabelle Jenniches (in Los Osos, CA) -- and with Arri (in Amsterdam), also in project by "Paisagens, Vozes" (Bryan Jurish & Hans-Martin Gärtner) (in Berlin)

Los Osos, CA / 8:00 - 11:00 p.m. (EST)
Isabelle Jenniches - in remote collaboration with -- Eric Redlinger + Michael Liegl + Dan Vatsky (at The Kitchen, NYC) -- and with -- Michelle Teran (in Toronto) -- and with Arri (in Amsterdam), also in project by "Paisagens, Vozes" (Bryan Jurish & Hans-Martin Gärtner) (in Berlin)

Amsterdam & Brussels / 4:00 - 11:00 p.m. (EST)
Arri (in amsterdam, 8:00 - 11:00 p.m. EST) -- in remote collaboration with -- Eric Redlinger + Michael Liegl + Dan Vatsky (at The Kitchen, NYC) -- and with -- Isabelle Jenniches (in Los Osos, CA) -- and with Michelle Teran (in Toronto), also in project by "Paisagens, Vozes" (Bryan Jurish & Hans-Martin Gärtner) (in Berlin)

xgz (in amsterdam or brussels, 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.EST) -- in remote collaboration with -- Akihiro Kubota (in tokyo), and Hae Young Kim (in NYC) - all in society of algoritm, to participate in the project "Beyond the Dream Syndicate" in Prague. and

March 2004

Sunday, 11 April @openair
Kohvi Recordsspecial:
Check Kohvi Rec's 24 hour webcast.
Uni (Kohvi Records, Estonia)
Barbariz (Kohvi Records, Estonia)
plus Alo aka Synesthetik

SPECIAL! >> thurs. 15 april: 'share' will present its sub-project 'anyware' @the kitchen on thurs. april 15th (tax due date! - well, do your tax early this year. or send an extention!! - and bring a party over there;) it's a part of 'new sound/new york' festival.

Sunday, 26 April @openair
Moving Patterns 2004 and share presents:
special lloopp performance 'tripple duo v.2'
by Klaus Filip (from Vienna, performing at Openair, NYC), Noid (performing at rhiz, Vienna), and Boris Hauf (performing in Berlin, Germany), live broadcast by kunstradio, Vienna
the 2nd Annual Gameboy Music Match between Vienna and New York
A live-streamed event from rhiz, Vienna and 'Share' at Openair, New York
Playing in New York:
Bit Shifter
Hey Kid Nice Robot

Sundays 5pm - close (late)
[*]penair | 121 St Marks (at Ave A) NYC | 212-979-1459
21+ please bring ID

Immediately Available:
Bedroom in a unique live / work
situation in east williamsburg, NYC
in a 4,000sq.ft. 19C schoolhouse (ground fl.)
The bedroom is private, comfortable, furnished and quiet.

1,100 sq. ft. workshop for construction/costume, stone floor, 220 V
1,100 sq. ft. movement studio w/ fully sprung wood floor
sun drenched kitchen and sitting room
large bathroom, black slate floor, great tub
DSL connection and wireless network
an amazing 1,000 sq. ft. second floor roof patio
a large garden plot for the caring and nurturing of fine veggies and greenstuff

WHERE: JMZ Flushing avenue station(3 blocks)/ L Montrose Avenue station(8 blocks)/ G Broadway station(7 blocks)

This is a well designed space, a historic building, inspiring work
environment, and well maintained open air roof garden, too.
Sharing with other artists (currently, 1 writer/grad student, 1
dancer/choreographer, 1 actress, 1 digital music composer w/laptop).
5 of us (including you) all together.
Rent is 750$ per month, including utilities.

NOT for couples (the bedroom is small while the common space is big.)

NO pets please.
Woman (or softman) preferred
NO couch potatoes nor heavy smokers should apply.
Long-term preferred, however, short-term may be considered.

Please reply to me if interested!!
(and feel free to forward to who may be interested!)

contact email

2003 Archive

Reject Judicial Nominee William Pryor
Forwarded message from Ryuichi Sakamoto,
originated from Karil Daniels.

What We Don't Know about this War

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