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Welcome to Real University News
"We Pay Attention
to the People Who Pay Attention"

Real University News aspires to provide a well-rounded source to find in-depth news, research, and information.

With the amazingly narrow views that come from corporate media, as well as from news sources like NPR, it is incredibly important, we feel, to help people sift through the muck and enable them to easily obtain information about the world in which we live.

We are not attempting to be an up-to-the-minute news source, though we will be providing links to sites we believe will keep you thoroughly up to date and informed.

Thought the articles and issues that appear will be updated on a regular basis, our goal is to provide ample time for people to read, digest, discuss and research the information put forth.

Our lives are becoming increasingly more managed by people who seemingly do not have (y)our interests in mind, and definately not at heart.

The best way, we feel, to judge information is not to use the common "liberal" or "conservative" model, but to assess how much information they are supplying you that you can reference for yourself in comparison to how much they are asking you to blindly believe their claims.

"Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace"
Rod Serling

Having problems finding real news that's informative?
We've created a data base of news & document sites for you.

News Sources
News links & document based websites

Real University Staff & Network Associates
articles / editorials / issue-related links
news page direct links

<in alphabetical order>

Darryl Hell
Deftly D
Edisa Weeks
Jordan Flattery
Kayhan Irani
Keiko Uenishi
Luis Colon
Wolfgang Busch
LGBT politics/culture/arts

writers joining in Spring 2004

sexual politics/culture/arts
Heather Firth
sexual politics/culture/arts
Jim Sullivan

In a country where only a small percentage of the people vote, it only takes a small group of united people to " the difference in who goes to the White House and who goes to the doghouse." (Malcolm X)

Why should you vote?

If you don't want Dick Cheney and George Bush's friends being in charge of the world, for another four years;
Register to VOTE HERE & NOW at

Also contact for up to the moment voter information

Do you think that your Senator's listening to you?
Question? Have you said anything?

Here's an easy way for you to contact them.
Click here for your (or anyone else's) senator's phone number

You can check for info on our direct community actions.
Thanx for your support and see you, s6k.

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