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Real University

Real University is the brainchild of experimental musical performance artist / "artivist" Darryl Hell. The name "Real University" is from a performance entitled "Where It's @" created by Mr. Hell, which in his words, "...was enjoyable to bring to fruition and produced many powerful memories, but fell short of the intended vision".

The now incarnated Real University, headed by Darryl Hell and David Dodson, has the mission to use an artistic multi-disciplinary, organic grassroots approach to education through entertainment. RU's multicultural approach to looking at the history, present circumstances, and future of the world with an unflinching eye promotes human understanding well beyond the concepts of skin pigment or any of the other common or uncommon ways we as humans are divided. Inhumanity to ANYONE is inhumanity to US. We feel by having that mandate, we need no further dogma to oblige ourselves or others to subscribe to.

RU is an organic network of producers, researchers, performers, directors, activist and artivists, lawyers, community elders, teachers, concerned people, project developers, computer programmers, and alternative media sources. The diverse backgrounds and modes of execution comprised in our network, enables it to actualize a variety of cost effective, high impact community betterment / educational strategies.

Most cultural institutions appear to be designed as autonomous entities, which idyllically work in cooperative ventures with other autonomous organizations. This often translates into very insular structures that seemingly lack the facility, or will, to actively interact with or seek to share resources with like-minded organizations.

Real University is designed to be an inclusive network of concerned humans, which can effectively realize community initiatives utilizing ostensibly underutilized or overlooked resources within the communities we work within. This flexible structure resembles many agrarian societies, where the necessity for resource sharing and cooperative management structures were, and in some places are, a reality.

The amount of people, resources and talents graciously provided to the network has proven our strategy is an integral component to realizing our vision of organizations working together, focusing on their area(s) of expertise, but understanding that no one grouping of people can be truly successful in their efforts without finding cohesion with others of like mind.

RU's focus is to make a contribution to (y)our understanding of the world we live in and bring light to the elements of this planet that have an effect on (y)our lives.



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