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Darryl Hell

Darryl Hell is a veteran mixed-media performance "artivist." Audio / Video performance, artistic social-betterment applications, artistic management and entertainment promotion have been the focal points of his career.

Entertainment industry credits include:
- Director of A &R of Furnace Records
- Director of promotions for Silent Records
- Acquisition director of Urban Box Office Network
[currently] Technical Director for chashama Arts, NYC chashama.org

He has produced entertainment events for more than 25 years.

As a performer his notables include:
- co-created the first MIDI-triggered drum cage for Emergency Broadcast Network ’s prototype video sampler
- co-produced the first On-line record release listening party
- created experimental performances/media under the name Abstinence since 1985 and Operation:Mindwipe since 1994
- He has been a self-taught DJ / soundscape experimentalist, composer since the age of 8.
- He reached national acclaim with his performances as a bicycle freestylist (1979 - 89). He choreographed and performed the first demonstrations to feature break dancers, BMX freestylers and live DJs. He co-designed the world's first trials / freestyle bicycle frame (1987) and created the first freestyle tricycle (1983).

His ISDN simultaneous multiple-location performance work (executed under the leadership of Virtual Melanin Inc.) is mentioned in the “I’ll Make me a World,” a PBS documentary on the relevance of Black arts in shaping Black national culture and vision.

As founder of Sektor 6 Kommunikations, an international multi-media production artist network, he has produced over 16 years of production credits.

Under the name Real University, Hell creates and executes socio-political initiatives / events that are designed to create coalitions between artists and socially minded organizations.

Real University is currently working with such notables as;
Gil Noble (Like it Is - WABC-TV 7)
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney
WBAI 99.5 fm Pacifica Radio Network
Indy Media - New York
Wolfgang Busch Digital Video Productions
Breakthrough Technologies

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