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Darryl Hell



David Dodson (AKA Deftly-D) is a conceptual performance artist, musician, dj, producer, programmer, webmaster, promoter and event coordinator who has been hosting and performing events steadily since 1995 in various projects including Zero Times Infinity, and Nau-Zee-auN.

His entertainment management experience includes:

  • produced numerous events as head of Voidstar Productions.
  • promoter and event coordinator for Lowell's cultural hub the Voix.
  • producer and host of Drum and NoiZe mixed media concert series.
  • producer and host of High Volt Live electronic music performance live broadcast series.
  • produced electronic music programs for WJUL Lowell for 10 years.
    co-producer of Hell Labs.

As head of Voidstar Productions, Deftly-D has 8 years of production credits.

He also helped numerous mixed media artists get started with their first live events and has tutored new promoters in the interest of building an eclectic artistic community.

Page design by Deftly-D for Voidstar Productions and Sektor 6 Kommunikations. Vision and content provided by Darryl Hell for Sektor 6 Kommunikations.