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Shadows of the Octopus

Shadows of the Octopus

Shadows of the Octopus, with s6k senior researcher, Luis Colon, is a way for you to see who is behind the scenes, making decisions that impact how [y]our world is shaped.  You can trace the "owners" of "society" by following executive boards, foundations, historic political alliances and generational corporate partnerships.

Daniel Hopsicker calls them "The Boys." In the two RICO lawsuits brought against the Bush administration they are called "The Enterprise." Joseph Trento calls them "The Rogue CIA." They have been called "The Establishment" and in Iran-Contra they were called "The Shadow Government."

In tribute to Danny Casolaro who paid for his research with his life, we call them "The Octupus", this international network that has been known by many names, a collusion of international criminals and political power focused around a handful of men, this tight good old boys network in US intelligence, banking, Wall Street, think tanks, foundations, the military, and oil barons. This complex web of major international criminals and power brokers that range from drug trafficking networks melding seamlessly into international banking, to secret societies such as Skull and Bones and P2. This section is dedicated to shining light on this network. 

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This 2-volume, 3.5 hour, fast-paced, non-fiction, historical documentary explains how international bankers manipulate America. Directed and narrated by Bill Still.

part 1 of the Money Masters

part 2 of the Money Masters

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The Cynthia McKinney Perspective

s6k Media presents The Cynthia McKinney Perspective. A document archive supporting her philosophies and vision.

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How Do You Know What You Know?

a 9/11/01 mixed media installation that asks you to question what you know about 9/11/01

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Halsey BA

a grassroot direct-action program to help community orgs with strategic, human & technical support

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s6k:Investigates - investigative broadcast arm of s6k media

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WIRETAP produces undercover phone recordings, interviews and presents select archived Internet video.

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