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Flashback! Bed-Stuy Then and Now


The New York City Department of Records and Information Services, Purpose Lounge/s6k Media, and Bailey's Cafe announces an initiative to have Bed-Stuy residents provide s6k Media with oral narratives, video testimonials, pictures and other media featuring life in Bedford-Stuyvesant from the late 19th century to 2016. The gathered media will be inserted into the Commissioner's Public Programming ‎Collection in the NYC Municipal Archives as representations of the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. This is the first time the NYC Municipal Archives will empower a community to provide its own narrative on this scale. In the words of Pauline Toole, NYC Dept. of Records Commissioner, "it's putting the community in the archives."

Purpose Lounge/s6k Media, led by Darryl Montgomery, has embarked on a wide-ranging initiative of interviewing and document gathering throughout the Bedford-Stuyvesant community to create a historically rich narrative bringing the human stories of that great region to life. The focus will be on gathering printed materials
because they are the most historically durable media, although we will be making audio and video recordings.
- Record community elders over the age of sixty (60) years old via audio or video.
- Interview people from numerous Bedford-Stuyvesant community organizations.
- Enlist current historians who have been documenting the Bedford-Stuyvesant region to provide the initiative with various historic materials.
- Interview various Bedford-Stuyvesant political officials
- Create a Google map that can be used for educational and tourism applications.

As an extension of our FLASHBACK! Bed-Stuy Then & Now history project, Project FLASHBACK! is seeking 8 Bed-Stuy region greenspaces to help bring their histories back to life. All winners will receive an outdoor banner (with grommets) created, free of charge, by the New York City Department of Records for their fence. The banner will feature a photo of the location that was taken in the mid 1900’s. The banners also show the connection between the people's culture, their community[ies] and the awesome materials in the care of the NYC Municipal Archives that the public has free access to, and are welcomed to visit and explore. → Sign up now! You may be selected Sign up now! ← Email us: Put "Project FLASHBACK!" in the subject line.

Additionally, s6k Media, our sister organization, is seeking two parks to provide a free drone filming session, which will be edited and posted on YouTube. The Hancock T&T Community Backyard Garden Park was the first in the Green Thumb system to be captured by using this amazing new tool.
→ Sign up now! It can be your garden / park!
Email us: Put "Project FLASHBACK!" in the subject line.

Getting Involved
We are seeking the input of anyone who may possess historically relevant materials from the Bedford-Stuyvesant community, who knows someone who may possess them or who has a historically relevant story to tell about the region.
Please contact Darryl Montgomery at: [ph] 917-723-7281 [email]
FLASHBACK! in Your Program or School
We love having the opportunity to empower young minds to explore their community in new ways. If you are an educator or have a community outreach program, please contact us for this project.

- Have students interview people in Bed-Stuy that are 55 years old or more.

- The interviews can be focused on, but not limited to, asking the following four [4] questions;
* What is your oldest Bed-Stuy memory?
* What was your most enjoyable Bed-Stuy memory?
* What changes have you seen over time?
* What would you like people to know about Bed-Stuy that you think someone who didn't live here would not know?

- Interviews can be done in [any or all] these [3] three ways;
* Video recorded by camera phone or conventional video camera
* Audio recorded by smartphone or other recording device
* By submitting the questions to the people and having them respond in writing.

- Whenever possible, we would like to have pictures of;
* The people being interviewed
* As much of the interview location as possible

FYI - We want to generate as much written and printed materials as possible because that is the most historically durable medium to document history. Media formats change so quickly, in 50 years most of the current media delivery formats / platforms will be completely obsolete.

- They can also use their camera phones to take pictures of family photos, then get the names of the people and whatever other information they can about the photos in writing.

- In addition, the students would be prompted to go to the NYC Hall of Records to explore the archives about the greater Bed-Stuy region. With our partnership with the NYC Records Commissioner Pauline Toole, she will make sure the students are well taken care of and feel welcome. The librarians there are excellent and the students would only have to state their interest and then the librarian will get them a bunch of resources to go through in their amazing reading room. It's an absolutely wonderful place and it's an incredible way to show them a part of the city they may not have seen, in a way they haven't seen it before. The students will certainly benefit from going to a place of this caliber and having the red carpet rolled out for them. It's in an awesome and beautiful legendary building located at 30 Chambers St., in Manhattan. It's a 5 minute walk from the A or C train Chambers St. subway stop. We can arrange field trips where Purpose Lounge staff would help them through the process, and the students would be more than welcome to go any time on their own.


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