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Vicky Virgin Salt Ballet

V i c k y   V i r g i n ' s  
S a l t   L a k e ,   a   N e w   B a l l e t   i n   3   A c t s

* Vicky Virgin
Theatrical Direction:
* Ümit Çelebi
* Trent Harris
* Jason Crigler
* Michelle Kinney and Jello Slave
* Fritz Masten
* Sarah Godbehere, Chris McMillan, Carmen Nicole
and Vicky Virgin
* Victoria Boomsma

In association with M&M Productions Acting Company, Inc.

A b o u t   S a l t   L a k e
Salt becomes a metaphor for desire and passion in Vicky Virgin’s new dance creation, Salt Lake, a New Ballet in 3 Acts.  Story ballet converges with performance art to provide the platform for Fleur de Sel, a creature obsessed with salt.  Joined by three salt fairies, together they journey through the dangerous landscape and fallout of passion:  bliss, desire, and despair.  Salt in its myriad forms is fully explored:  Kosher salt is poured into a spiral on the floor, fine sea salt is snorted, a salt lick is licked and a mountain of rock salt is built on top of Fleur’s feet….in the end you will be left with nothing less than pure unadulterated thirst.  

Salt Lake, a New Ballet in 3 Acts is choreographed and performed by Vicky Virgin with theatrical direction by Ümit Çelebi and is produced in association with M&M Productions Acting Company, Inc.   Filmmaker Trent Harris contributes a film of the Great Salt Lake in all of its eerie beauty and Fritz Masten created the costumes.  The salt nymphs will be danced by NYC ballerinas; Chris McMillan, Sarah Godbehere and Elena Zahlmann and music is by Michelle Kinney and Jello Slave with an overture by Jason Crigler.  Supported by a grant from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council with salt contributed by Realsalt of Redmond, Utah

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The Field

The Field, New York City, creates programs to help artists improve their artwork and counter the isolation that often comes with the territory of an artistic career. Ms. Virgin is proudly sponsored by The Field.
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