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The Fleur de Sel Diaries

The Fleur de Sel Diaries

Fleur de Sel decided to create a public record in case something should happen to her. She believes that someone or something is threatening her life. Because she was clinically dead for 11.1 minutes, her attempts at expressing thoughts and ideas are becoming more difficult as the relapses
increase. At times, Fleur slips into movement as a means of communication, which also is sometimes difficult to comprehend.

She is surviving on money that came from the media blitz when Fleur, the once notable artist, overdosed on salt. Fleur
currently lives in a warehouse in New York City. The pressure has been building as she comes to grips with the frustration of her fall from fame that she is painfully aware. The anger has been building as the pressure overlaps with the side effects of the experiment, of which she is not aware.

Ms. de Sel can be tracked further @, where the Fleur de Sel Chronicles can be found.

Oct 16 2009 4678.21 more cripple crosses my path, I am going to have to bloody somebody.
Oct 14 2009 Fleur goes on a rampage…
I was just minding my own business. Promise. Not a thought in my mind otherwise. And there it was – a face in the crowd.
Sep 23 2009 An homage to the black hole…
The disappearing black hole vanishes into thin air. Nothing can come from nothing, my lovely dear. The destructive potential of nothing.
Nov 11 2008 Diary entry #11-11/11.11
Regarding a new beginning and a barrel full of empty air………. Start by scrubbing out the cavity. Brillo is the best. You want to make sure that you get back deep into the crevices and cracks. Follow this with a salve.
Nov 10 2008 Diary entry # 3.79
I can not begin to tell you how wonderful it is to be back. Let me repeat that. Even though I was gone I wasn't really.
Mar 18 2008 Diary entry #2.98
Jostling around in my black hole today, when I came upon an old man. He was sitting in a coffee shop in Tribeca. And just as I was walking by him on my way out, I caught him out of the corner of my eye.
Mar 17 2008 Diary entry #2.56
Masticate, lubricate, dedicate, fornicate, medicate, advocate, descicate, fabricate. Knit the ribs together. Just tie that little string and pull it very very tight.
Mar 16 2008 Journal Entry #2.13
You see, it's the journalists. That is where the problem lies. They have a way of infiltrating like no one else. It's called FOIL. They will do anything to get a story.
Feb 26 2008 testimonial 1.987
Masticate, lubricate, dedicate...
Feb 13 2008 testimonial 1.31
I woke up this morning with itchy ears, deeply itchy ears. It was the middle of the night. I didn’t know what to do. Then they started to fill up.
Feb 11 2008 Testimonial 1.2
What do you do with your black hole? Do you put things in it?
Feb 10 2008 Testimonial 1.1
I am writing to you this morning, a Sunday in February. This has been a very long time in coming. And so I figure, if not now, then when and so here I find myself….fingers to the keys. Tapping….tapping….tap.
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