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Max Headroom


Darryl Hell Bio


Darryl Hell [aka Darryl Montgomery] (sektor 6 kommunikatons, Abstinence, DJ Hell, Machine Age Madness, Operation:Mindwipe, Rock'It Society, Sonic Warriors United,
Emergency Broadcast Network, Terrorfakt) is a veteran multimedia artist, musician, documentary maker, artivist, underground journalist / archivist, and arts mentor/educator.

In the early 70's he began dj'ing and exploring audio 8-track recording experiments. By 1976 he began playing bass guitar and in 1981 he joined the New Jersey punk band Public Disturbance. This happened simultaneously as he was honing his skill as a hybrid collage dj / turntablist.

Winter 1985/86 brought about the creation of Abstinence, New Jersey's first industrial music/art project in the vein of Einstursende, Sisters of Mercy, and Skinny Puppy. Hell was instrumental in nurturing a hardcore industrial scene in New Jersey.

Hell began working with video in the early 1980's. The current video production partnership of s6k Media and Wolfgang Busch Digital Video Prods. began in 1991.

In the early 1990's Hell was granted the privilege of heading the Silent Records (San Francisco) industrial imprint Furnace Records under its highly imaginative leader Kim Cascone. Hell, along with the technical leadership of David Grau and Rob Psychotrope, created an American industrial label that explored a broad spectrum of global industrial / experimental music culture. David Grau [with Sheldon Hatch] led their team in bringing Hell's vision to fruition; create one of the first online record release 1995.

In 1996, the call came from Emergency Broadcast Network for Hell to join forces with them. [EBN were the creators of one of the first midi-triggered video sampling systems.]

1999 - 2001 = Hell was Director of Acquisition for Urban Box Office, under legendary ex-Motown bossman, George Jackson and technical visionaries Tyrone Thomas and Jonn Nubian.

2002 - 2011 = Hell was facilities manager / technical director and co-founder of chashama arts, NY, lead by artistic director Anita Durst.

Hell is currently one of the only industrial / experimental turntablists in NYC. In winter 2012, Abstinence celebrated its 25th anniversary of their first studio recording "Level 7," with the release of a 2 disk [1 dvd & 1 cd] aluminum box set entitled, "Delusions of Architecture."

1992 - present = s6k Media is where he does video/audio production, strategic consultation, and and various media services. Hell also works as a teaching artist and mentor, creating classroom and web-enabled curriculum for community empowerment programs with his organization, Purpose Lounge, the educational and social empowerment arm of sektor 6 kommunikations.

Listing of highlighted credits

1972 to present     DJ / Sound collage composer

1976 to present     Traditional instrumentation: Bass Guitar, keyboards, percussion

1978 to 1989     Sponsored bicycle motocross freestyle rider. Founder and captain of DJ's Cycles Freestyle Team.

1980 to 1991     Created, choreographed & performed in the world's first freestyle demonstrations utilizing choreographed freestyle routines integrated with live DJ turntablists and breakdancers.

1980 to 1984     Bass & Vocals in Public Disturbance – Mutha Records, Gem Records, Capitol Records.

1983     Created and assembled the world's first BMX freestyle tricycle with DJ's Cycles.

1984 to present     Began working with samplers, drum machines, experimental sound tools and experimental video production.

1985 to present Founded and performed in experimental dance multimedia project Abstinence.

1985     Sponsored freestyle BMX rider for Super Cycle, NJ (This was a new type of cycle that had a 16" rear wheel and a skateboard truck in the front.)

1986     Began producing experimental / industrial music events throughout New Jersey. Also served as a consultant for booking agents / club owners to facilitate greater access to and awareness of experimental, industrial, and avant-garde artists.

1987     Abstinence song "Level 7" used for Jim Murphy segment in the Alva Skateboards concept video "Backyard Glances."

1988 to 1994     Co-founder / Unit 4 Video, NJ / NYC (An experimental visual production company)

1989 to present     Founder / Sektor 6 Kommunikations (A multimedia artistic / cultural network)

1990 to 1992     Buyer - Salesperson of electronic & experimental music/ Beat City Record Store, NJ.

1990     Created and implemented 14-day literacy through song composition program for the Breadloaf Outreach Writing Program, Andover, MA.

1991     Produced New Jersey's first consecutive 3-location 21-hour multimedia event entitled "Onslaught."

1993     Abstinence signs with Furnace Records, San Francisco, CA.

1993 to 1996     Director of Artists and Repertoire / Furnace Records San Francisco, CA.

1994 to present     Founded and performed in experimental / electronic multimedia installation project Operation:Mindwipe.

1994 & 1995     Created, produced and performed "Terror in Washington Square Park, NYC". This was a public experimental noise performance meant to act as a promotional vehicle for Furnace / Silent Records, SF, and to broaden the awareness of experimental music composition. This was sanctioned through the New York Parks Department.

1994 to 1996     Director of Promotions / Silent Records, CA.

1995     Producer for the world's first Internet broadcasted record release party for Furnace Records, San Francisco. It featured the experimental music projects Abstinence – US, ATD Convention – Canada, Industrial Heads - Norway). Broadcast live from York University, Toronto, Canada.

1995 to 1998     Collaborated with Emergency Broadcast Network in performance and also co-developed third generation trigger systems for the world's first real-time midi-controlled video sampler created by EBN

1996     Co-produced and performed in "Implant". A multi-location, simultaneously performed, ISDN linked Internet broadcasted performance which connected 6 performers at The Kitchen, NYC with 3 performers at the Electronic Café, Santa Monica, CA.

1996     Produced New Jersey's first "completely" multimedia webcast event entitled "Visions of a Flat Earth". This featured exhibits of photography, fine art {paint, collage, sculptures}, spoken word, music video premier from MTV, fashion show, DJ, musical performances.(Notable co-producers / sponsors: Virtual Melanin Inc, AMP-MTV)

1996     Founder / Artistic Director VFE Productions, NYC (An experimental multi-media visual production group)

1996     Partner / WB Digital Video Productions, NYC (Business, artistic & personal video production services)

1996     Curated, produced and performed a 14 hour multimedia installation / performance for a tribute celebration to Andy Warhol at his Warehouse #2 facility. It was an international artist tribute to the 10th anniversary of his death and the final artistic event to occur at his old facility, which was redeveloped soon after.

1997    Co-produced video / audio remix entitled "Timber" with Emergency Broadcast Network for the England based experimental video troop Coldcut. (It was featured on MTV Europe throughout that year and was performed by Coldcut throughout their 1999 world tour.)

1997     Composed soundtrack and assistant editor for Playboy "Vision Girls" fashion video

1998     Produced and directed a music video for Caipirinia Records artist "Sum" for the MTV experimental video program AMP. Hell was also granted an award from Draco-Casablanca, Germany for the editing of the video. It was the first MTV video done utilizing their editing system

1998 to 2011     Co-founder of chashama

1998     Co-produced and performed with "Digital Diaspora". A multi-location, simultaneously performed, ISDN linked Internet broadcasted performance, which connected 7 performers at The Knitting Factory, NYC with 8 performers at The End, England. Featured Vernan Reid (Living Colour) and Saul Williams (Artivist, legendary poetry slam artist)

1998     Editor & Director for Penthouse Internet FAD TV (Fetish and Deviance Television) video series

1998     Produced multimedia backdrop for the project Flesh Fetish for the infamous Black & Blue Ball, NYC

1998     Composed and arranged music for "10,000 Kilometers". A multi-media dance performance performed at the Taipei Theater, Rockerfeller Center NYC

1998 to 1999     Produced a movie remix series that featured 1984, A Clockwork Orange and The Exorcist

1998 to 1999     Composed and produced multimedia elements for "The Tortured Garden" at Wave Hill, NY & P.S. 122, NYC. A Multimedia dance performance created by choreographer Caterina Bartha

1999     Produced & directed funding documentary for United Bronx Parents Inc. (My first socio-political documentary)

1999 to 2001     Director of Acquisition / Urban Box Office Networks, NYC

2000     Composed and produced multimedia elements for "Talk Show" at the Joyce Theater (Downtown), NYC. A Multimedia dance performance created by choreographer Caterina Bartha

2000     Official webcaster of the Puerto Rican Day Parade (Directed and co-produced the first full production webcasted broadcast, via satellite uplink & downlink to Internet, of a major parade.)

2000     Featured performer with the experimental music U.S. tour (14 days and approx. 6,500 miles from coast to coast) entitled "Free Tekno Tribe Noise tour"

2001     Produced & performed the first 4-day open-to-the-public website launch E-vent in Times Square, NYC for for BreakThrough Technologies founded by Tyrone Thomas

2002 to 2011 Technical director and co-founder of chashama Arts, NYC. chashama is one of the largest arts organizations to provide subsidized, discounted or free space in New York City. The organization was founded and is headed by Anita Durst.

2002 to 2004     Created and co-produced a multimedia sociopolitical event entitled "The Bridge". Designed to engage a wider audience in societal / political awareness via art, interview and lecture. The event is audio-webcasted & radio simulcast to stations around the US. It is the first event of its kind to occur in Times Square, NYC

2004    Internet strategist for Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. We won the election even though we were outspent by a large margin.

2004 to present    Technical, administrative, strategic consultant for Stage Left Studio, New York City

2005    Sound designer for Rickie Solinger's "Life Interrupted" gallery exhibition. It toured the US and was the first exhibition of its type to open in a women's prison.

2005    Produced and directed "Behind the Mask" documentary about Douglass P. from the band Death In June

2005    Performed at the IFFB/Cyber Arts Convergence Festival in Cambridge, MA

2005    Launched a condom distribution program in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY. The condoms were sponsored by a partnership with Positive Heath Project, NYC

2005    Launched a community education program in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY. This was done in laundromats and barber shops throughout the region.

2005    Produced the first Community Celebration for the Gates [Marcy-Tompkins] Block Assoc. This event featured a presentation by legendary journalist Gil Noble

2005    Strategic consultant, cameraperson, interviewer, assistant editor for "How Do I Look, a documentary by Wolfgang Busch. This doc was the follow-up to the controversial "Paris is Burning" documentary. Because of the treatment of the Gay ballroom community in Paris Is Burning, we were the first film crew allowed to film after that documentary's release.

2005   Technical design and lighting/audio installation for Stage Left Studio, New York City.

2006   Conceived and produced an art installation "How Do You Know What You Know? V3" It was the third annual iteration of the only art installation in New York City to present documention from official sources about 9/11/2001

2006   Produced the experimental music/art event HellLab 4, which celebrated the 12 year anniversary of the music series originally produced in New Jersey.

Produced the experimental music/art event HellLab 5

2008    Directed and produced the Fleur DeSel video for choreographer and performance artist Vicky Virgin

2008 to 2009   Taught a Black History Month class at the Urban Assembly School of Music and Art, Brooklyn

2008    Founded the Brooklyn based educational/mentoring program Purpose Lounge. Purpose Lounge has since grown to work with numerous schools and social entities including the legendary Apollo Theater, Queens Satellite School for Opportunity, Imagenation, Monmouth University, and Sportz Farm to name a few. It was also awarded the 2011 Foundation for Success Award from the Queens Satellite High School for Opportunity, which gives two of them per year. The other in 2011 was given to Mike Connors/The New York Times.

2008    Produced and performed "Experiment 1," an experimental soundscape performance utlizing a number of heavyweights of the ambient music culture in the historically rich NYC warehouse where much of the iconic Times Square neon was made in the early 1900's.

2008    Produced, filmed, and researched Internet documentary segments about eminent domain in Long Branch, NJ


I'm not dead yet [LOL]   MUCH MORE TO COME...


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