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Good Hair Gone Bad
Martin Luther King, Jr.


Claims of the Negro


A unique educational exploration of the Black American experience

We designed this evolving link library to help people easily find and wander through historical and present information that is omitted from the history books and the present mainstream media. We don't believe we are presenting "Black history" here. We are presenting American and globalized history through the lens of a Black American perspective.
For Christian.

The title "The Claims of the Negro" is taken from the Frederick Douglass speech of the same name.
To see and read his original writing of Claims of the Negro click here

Malcolm X debates at Oxford Union
on the resolution: "Extremism in the defence of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."

"The Ballot or The Bullet" was a speech by Malcolm X, focusing on his philosophy of Black nationalism as a self-help program to address the issues of Black Americans, delivered April 12, 1964 in Detroit, Michigan. We must say that we don't agree with any ethnic slurs used in the speech, of which there are three, but we completely agree with his view / critique of the Black American experience. It is painfully apparent by the happenings between then and now, over 43-years of "integration" and "civil rights legislation" alone hasn't brought "equality." We can no longer confuse integration with equality. It's wonderful that we no longer, on average, have visible barriers on where we can live or work. On the other hand, sadly we are far from a time when everyone is judged only by their skill set and character.

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Interesting places to learn and explore history [and the present] from the people who lived it.

A Panther in Africa - "A Panther in Africa," a new documentary having its national broadcast premiere on public television's P.O.V. series, is the story of Pete O'Neal, one of the last exiles from the time of Black Power, when young rebels advocated black pride, unity, community service and sometimes, violence.

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. - Speech on Civil Rights

Black Panthers - Though there are many who continue to claim the name as theirs, the original had more strategic intelligence and effect on our community than any that have followed.

Earl Caldwell - Legendary journalist in the civil rights struggle. He was on the first floor of the Larraine Motel the day Dr. King was murdered.

Ella Baker - A "mother" of the movement gets her due; Ella Baker's behind-the-scenes work in organizing a vast army of civil rights activists takes center stage. Gives a nice perspective to what Ms. Baker means to the movement.

Ella Baker - Bio from

Ella Baker - Bio from the SNCC website

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Encyclopedia Britannica guide to Black History - An overview of the popular figures in Black History

Estell Harvey

Fannie Lou Hamer - Bio

Frederick Douglass, "A Plea for Free Speech in Boston," 1860

Frederick Douglass - A massive archive of his writings
click here

Julia Holmes manuscript-holmes_julia.shtml

Malcolm X - An academic website dedicated to the life and work of Malcolm X

Malcolm X What he said - An amazing archive of recordings of Malcolm X. Over 17 hours of legendary speeches archived. The best way to learn about Malcolm, to listen to him.

Martin R. Delany and the Beginnings of Black Nationalism by Derrick Morrison

Martin Luther King, Jr; Audio Video (Has free audio and video samples and also provides educational materials.)

Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project

Mary McLeod Bethune - Bio

Sojourner Truth - Bio (Overview)

Sojourner Truth - A Bio (Very extensive)

S e k t o r   2
How they created the world we live in...and the documents they left behind

Nations Covenanton Civil and Human Rights - A great research archive of agreements from the United Nations.

Expert Witness Radio - A veteran 25 year ex-DEA deep cover agent fights for your rights

Civil Right Bill of 1964 transcript

Cointelpro - An overview of the FBI Counter Intelligence Program.
EVERYONE should know about this and the effect it had/has on our current state of affairs.

Index Cointelpro (FBI Counter Intelligence Program) documents
(Scroll down to the gif. files at the bottom of the page for scanned images of actual government documents. Mouse onto the actual doc image, wait 5 seconds, then click on the ENLARGE icon that appears...welcome to your government.)
(Files have been taken off line. Hmm...)

Milestone documents - A treasure trove of transcripts (with the images of the actual documents) from pivotal moments of the creation of the U.S. government. This is an invaluable resource.

Student Non-violent Committee (SNCC) The Basis of Black Power - A position paper 1966

United Nations Covenant on Civil and Human Rights - A great research archive of agreements from the United Nations.

U.S. National Archive & Records Administration

Se k t o r   3
Organizations and websites that tell (y)our story

American Drug Laws - The New Jim Crow
BIENNIAL SPEECH by Ira Glasser, Executive Director of the ACLU June, 1999

Aurora Forum - Text and audio archives from people like Angela Davis, Joycelyn Elders and more.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Home page

Black Arts Movement

Black Wallstreet

Findlaw - This is a legal document resource website, but the documents are fun to browse through and are mostly understandable by the non-lawyer, like us.

From Swastika to Jim Crow

Harriet A. Washington - Author of Medical Apartheid

Historic Text Archive - Has links, with explanations, to over 40 document rich sites.

Human Rights Record of the United States
part one  part two

Online University - African-American History

he "official" website for the Juneteenth celebration

A "Northern Lynching," 1949. Remembering the Trenton Six Case By Peter Salwen

"Project C": Birmingham

Remembering Segregation

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

Tim Wise - ZNet Commentary Archive (Educational)

Without Sanctuary (A lynching pictorial archive)

Witnessing and Testifying

S e k t o r   4
Black history Quizzes interactive Black History quiz. Try your hand and see how much you know. The quiz is only 10 questions...but it's still a challenge for most.

Black History - Past to Present. An interactive treasure hunt

S e k t o r   5
The events that shaped (y)our future

The Black Codes of 1865 - The beginning of post-slavery institutional racial discrimination and oppression.

Black Wallstreet

Civil Rights in America 1942 to 1968 - Extremely informative. Tons of information

Greensboro Sit-in's; The Launch of a Civil rights movement (Has an excellent free audio archive).

The Middle Passage (The torturous and inhuman trip between continents where enslaved Africans were brought to the America.)

Olympic Civil Disobedience; Black medalists raise fists for Civil Rights Movement

S e k t o r   6
We too must never forget

1900 lynching, 4 hanging

1900 lynching before

1900 lynching before back

1902 lynching 2 hanging

1903 lynching mutilated

1906 lynching 5 hanging

1908 lynching 4 hanging {postcard}

1908 lynching 4 hanging

1910 lynching

1911 lynching woman

1913 lynching

1915 lynching slumped

1916 lynching charred

1916 lynching mobscene

1919 lynching Burned On Tracks

1920 lynching

1920 lynching Kids In Pic

1930 lynching

1960 lynching

Police Brutality Protest 2000

Amadou Diallo, Malcolm Ferguson, and now Patrick Dorismond: Three unarmed men shot to death by the NYPD. The three men were found to be guilty of no crimes, except being Black in the wrong place-at the wrong time.

41 bullets, millions of whip lashings, countless hangings, millions and millions forced into cheap labor for generations, countless murders, forbidden from education for hundreds of years, 400 years of being treated worse than the mangiest junk yard dog, 500 years of indescribable psychological torment.

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
             Malcolm X
E d u c a t i o n   i s   (y) o u r   o n l y   w e a p o n . . .

"I am sick and tired of being sick and tired."
Fannie Lou Hamer
"You won't remember the words of those who opposed you, only the silence of your friends."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Is this freedom? "



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