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Christian Death




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          What Jesus Looked Like [an interview documentary dvd/cd]

                                                                                                                                           photos by Ray Nesmith

We have gone above and beyond to make this something fans would want to own and not just for being downloaded.
It comes in a special aluminum case & shipped in a heavy 100% recycled padded envelope. A pure collectors item.

The Bad News... The physical version is no longer available
Good News... We are now selling it exclusively through Vimeo On-Demand and available worldwide.
Click the link to go to the purchase page

[about What Jesus Looked Like] Did you ever want to sit down, get several bottles of wine and have an uninterrupted chat with one of your favorite bands? This production brings you that energy. From the director of the well acclaimed Death In June "Behind the Mask" DVD, punk/deathrock/industrial veteran Darryl Hell brings you deep inside another iconic and controversial band.

Many myths exist that have been propagated by people outside the band. Now they will speak for themselves.

The "What Jesus Looked Like" 2-disk Interview Documentary DVD/CD
The DVD is titled "Close." This gives you a view of the band in its current configuration and its views.
The CD is titled "Closer." Here we go deep into Valor's mind to explore his thoughts and philosophies of life and art.

[fan reviews]
- "Great stuff" Jamie C.
- "I got my Christian Death dvd/cd documentary What Jesus Looked Like today and I watched the entire thing in one sitting. Valor talks a lot about Rozz Williams and I learned a bunch of stuff about the band I didn't know. AWESOME!!!!" Megan Wood M.
- "fantastic - the video interviews were great, the CD interview with Valor is amazingly detailed, learning loads of new stuff." Alexander K.
- "Got mine. A very insightful watch/listen." Trevor Donnelly
- "This is an up close and personal interview...l!!! Amazing!!! I love it!!!" Ray N.

[A director's note] 20 years ago when I was originally A&R Director for then Furnace Records, I didn't have anywhere near the technology to track shipments, interact with people globally without tremendous cost, ect. It's thoroughly exhilarating to now be able to do and reach so many people on a shoestring budget, but do things that are really personal. Each of these were printed, packed, wrapped and shipped by us. It's our way of reclaiming the Throbbing Gristle mode of mail art. Not just mass produced offerings, which are fine too, but things that come from and prepared by the heart.

note: The Root of All Evilution was contracted to another label prior to this release. Only the documentary and music video are produced by FURNACE RECORDS

s6k Media has also produced a music video for
"You Can’t Give It Back" from their upcoming release "The Root Of All Evilution."

It is in the bonus tracks on "What Jesus Looked Like."

Click here to go to the Official Christian Death Facebook post for this music video

[Facebook fan reviews]
"Great! Funky, sexy and thought-provoking all at once"
Richard Sperr
"As always, and after all these years Christian death shows us that they are still on top, the concept, the video and the song are fantastic." Fernando Fernandes
"Love it. The song and video are outstanding" Jim Cestaro
"^^y^^...gostei muito!!! :) :) :) !!! ^^y^^" Nuno G.
"The concept....Love it.....CD...Forever. ....!" Louis Montiel
"Love it, really deep." Megan Wood
"Very good perfect song and video" Patryk Gruba

[about the video]
The video for "You Can't Give it Back" is quite unique in the fact that it is comprised of actual stories of suicide, although the song is actually about societal death/suicide. No actors were used. The participants were crowdsourced via Facebook and specifically picked to be in the video after being interviewed about their personal story. Each has been directly touched by suicide and many tears were shed during the filming of this video, though it has a positive "don't let the world beat you" message. The release of "What Jesus Looked Like" will include a webpage with all of the suicide notes in their entirety as well as the interviews done with each participant. Its goal will be to provide harm reduction and suicidal ideation/behavior reduction content. Our hope is to provide a less-clinical way for someone to see how people have found themselves in similar situations and transitioned to a lessor form of suffering and/or a stronger sense of self to tolerate/address life stressors.


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