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Bed-Stuy Strategy Lounge


Exploring tactical brainspace for grassroots development

The Bed-Stuy Strategy Lounge is evolving away from our monthly event model. Over the next couple of months, we will be building an archive of the guest presenters and other documentation / interviews. We thank all who participated and helped us generate an inspiring and informative series of lessons. And, our production partner Stefanie Siegel deserves tons of respect for allowing her facility to be the home of the project.

We will also do sporadic events in venues and via Internet. Stay tuned.

Because this is a free event that we serve food at, we require donations to keep this going.
Please support our upcoming archiving and public events. Donate whatever you like.

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Purpose Lounge, Bailey's Cafe' and the Bed-Stuy Community Coalition has come together to present an exciting series of strategic teach-ins. In a time where there are myriads of people who find themselves being confused about how to be of real assistance to the social issues they care about, the B-SSL provides vital information about the mechanics of executing social betterment programs and projects.

Over the months we will feature people like Milton Allimadi [publisher/journalistic activism], Kayhan Irani [writer/artivista/global educator], Kevin Powell [author/community organizer], Paul Lee [Irish culture educator/community organizer], Parijat Desai [educator/activist/choreographer], Alethea Brown [artist/community organizer/arivist], Wolfgang Busch [producer/documentarian/Gay activist], and a number of other excitingly engaged people who have and are working on the ground to make the world a better place than how they found it. Click here to see past guests

The Bed-Stuy Strategy Lounge has brought together a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-gendered, multi-generational team with decades of experience to teach strategic master classes. Using a model combining long-distance learning, mentoring, and a chill community conversation over food, participants will be able to not only learn, but ask questions and get direct assistance for their objectives.

It's designed for those seeking ways to enhance the strategic development of their organizations. It's also perfect for people who commonly attend cultural events, have the drive and determination, yet require more tools to bring their community betterment ideas to fruition. If that wasn't enough, the BSSL is the perfect place to meet like-minded socially engaged people to enhance your resource network.


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