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Real University


Welcome to Real University
"...the most important thing was, and still is in my mind, is to develop people to the point that they don't need a strong, savior-type leader." -
Ella Baker

Real University aspires to provide a well-rounded source to find in-depth news, research, and information.

The column on the left side of the page provides quick links to the Real University channels
[note: We are a vast global network of researchers and our goal is to provide a wide variety of ideas to prompt contemplation and research, not to demand you believe any perspective you may read/see.]

Our flagship program is Purpose Lounge, which is an educational and mentoring educational and mentoring program. We are quite proud of its success and are expanding to reach and help more people.

Our strength is in our extensive archive of shared and exclusive writings/research. Our goal is to give an historical perspective by seeking out as much source information as possible. We are not attempting to be an up-to-the-minute news source, though we will be providing links to sites we believe will keep you thoroughly up to date and informed.

With the amazingly narrow views that come from mainstream media, it is incredibly important to help people sift through the opinions and assist them in finding empirical information about the world in which we live.

The best way, we feel, to judge information is not to use the common "liberal" or "conservative" models, nor to just follow newscasters or channels you like or are popular, but to assess how much information they are supplying you that you can reference for yourself in comparison to how much they are asking you to blindly believe their claims.

Our mission is to always be part of making change instead of only commenting on the status of the world around us. It is important that we live up to the mandate of being an engaged and educated electorate...and to help others get there as well.

"Anytime you continue to carry on the same kind of organization you say you are fighting against, you can't prove to me that you have made any change in your thinking." -
Ella Baker

"Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace"
-Rod Serling
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