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Neo-Cons, Team B, and Northwoods oh my...
In 1976, a group of Zionist were trying to pressure the Ford Administration for more arms aid and cash infusions to Israel. The effort was led by Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson who argued that Israel needed more military might to protect the Middle East against "Soviet aggression". Team B would one day evolve into the most dangerous political fringe sect in history; The Neo-Cons. Under political pressure from Senator Jackson and other supporters of Israel, President Gerald Ford agreed in mid-1976 (while George H.W. Bush was serving as CIA director) to institute a "audit" of intelligence data being provided by the CIA's National Intelligence Officers (soon to be called the "A-Team") by a committee of "independent" experts-known as the "B-Team". The man responsible for the selection of the Team B membership was Richard Perle, the protégé of Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson. One of the young men selected for Team B was Paul Wolfowitz, likewise the veteran Zionist Paul Nitze was also selected (in the 1960's Nitze was involved in the planning for the infamous Operation Northwoods). While Team A was insisting The Soviets were in a state of collapse, Team B was insisting the Soviets were stronger than ever and ready to make moves on Mid-East oil. Critics of Team B claimed their recommendations were Mossad disinformation.

Although Team B's final report was secret, with access reserved for a handful of government leaders, John Paisley (retired from the CIA, and appointed by Bush to act as a liaison between Team A and Team B) got his hands on a copy of the report in the summer of 1978 and set to work writing a detailed critique that would destroy the Mossad disinformation. But Paisley was murdered before he could complete his task.

According to Richard Clement, who headed the Interagency Committee on Counter-Terrorism during the Reagan administration: "The Israelis had no compunction about 'terminating' key American intelligence officials who threatened to blow the whistle on them. Those of us familiar with the case of Paisley know that he was killed by the Mossad. But no one, not even in Congress, wants to stand up and say so publicly."
The manipulation of Team B inside the upper ranks of the US intelligence community laid the groundwork for the modern day "Neo-Conservative" network. The Team B Geo-Political outlook evolved into the Cold War era "blue ribbon" group known as the Committee on the Present Danger. During the 1980 election campaign, the members of the committee became active in Ronald Reagan's Presidential election effort and thus, the committee became the vehicle through which the alliance of cold warriors, defense contractors, and pro-Israel groups became part of the Reagan coalition and gained access to the Government.
Reagan brought in no less than sixty members of the committee into his administration, including Paul Nitze (Team B) who was placed in a critical arms control position. The New York Times went so far as to assert that the committee's influence amounted to "a virtual takeover of the nation's national security apparatus." The same personalities that made up the committee then set up a parallel unit the Committee for a Free World, which would be made up of people who would become part of the "Perle-Kristol Network", which in turn is the backbone of the Neo-Con Network. One young fundraiser for the Committee for a Free World was Donald Rumsfeld. This Network would shape the view of foreign and domestic policy, for more than a third of a century, perceptions about U.S. national security were colored by the view that the Soviet Union was on the road to military superiority over the United States. Neither Team B nor the multibillion dollar intelligence agencies could see that the Soviet Union was dissolving from within. For more than a third of a century, assertions of Soviet superiority created calls for the United states to "rearm." In the 1980s, the call was heeded so thoroughly that the United States embarked on a trillion-dollar defense buildup. While the rest of the world slept the United States built up it's military to imperialistic levels. Richard Perle and Stephen Bryen achieved immense power during the Reagan years, even though two years earlier both were investigated for being Mossad moles and spying for Israel. After leaving "Scoops" Jackson's staff, Perle played middle man for arms deals for Israel involving the Pentagon and Soltam, one of Israel's premier weapons firms. Meanwhile Perle's Capitol Hill associate, Stephen Bryen, was under surveillance by the FBI as early as 1977, where he was suspected of using his post in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to obtain classified Pentagon information and turning it over to the Mossad.

On March 9, 1978 Bryen was overheard in a breakfast conversation with four Israeli intelligence officials, he was providing them with high-level military information. Bryen (an American and a US government employee) was heard consistently referring to the US government as "they" and when referring to the Israeli government he would use "we." The FBI's inquiry into Bryen evolved into a 632 page folder in the Department of Justice, but inexplicably Bryen was never indicted. Even The journal, The Nation made the allegation that Bryen had routinely taken orders from Zvi Rafiah, a counselor at the Israeli embassy who was in fact the US station chief for the clandestine services division of Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad. The scandal did not prevent Bryen from serving in Reagan's staff. Pearle and Bryen became very influential during the Reagan Administration. In 1984, Business Week noted of Perle; "to ensure that his views prevail, Perle has built a powerful backstage network of allies in Washington."

By 1986 the Washington Post was calling Perle "the most powerful man in the Pentagon." Perle and Bryen emerged as the chief promoters of Israel's lucrative arms export to Communist China. It is important to note that the Neo-Conservatives are not conservatives but reformed "Trotskyites" (Trotsky was Jewish), the Neo-Cons fight with Russia is a continuation of the battle between Lenin and Trotsky. The Fathers of the Neo-Cons Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz and others were ardent Trotsky followers and were suspected of being a Jewish Communist cell.
Relevant today is the fact that Stephen Bryen is now the Commissioner of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

This new form of "Conservative Imperialism" with roots in the ranks of an elite group of 'former" Trotskylite leftists who have transformed themselves into Republican "Neo-Conservatives", have taken hold in the upper echelon's of the Bush administration. These men know the game, to achieve Foreign Policy objectives terrorism is a great pre-text to manipulate the environment.
In the 2001 book Body of Secrets by James Bradford, revealed that as early as January 1961, top US policy makers were considering a horrific scheme to launch terrorist attacks on American citizens and blame Fidel Castro to justify an American invasion of Cuba. The terror campaign proposed by then Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Army General Lyman Lemnitzer is key in understanding the Neo-Con use of terrorism as a pre-text for Imperialistic force.

Lemnitzer, reportedly Jewish, later emerged as part of the Neo-Conservative Committee on the Present Danger, the public advocacy group for the policies put forth by Richard Perle's Team B. Following in Lemnitzer's tradition, the Neo-Con's in the Executive branch now wage war through a staged terrorist attack. They learned their lessons well with this background the Israeli spy team that was video taping the World Trade Center attack and cheering on top of the van, takes a whole new meaning. The Mossad, the CIA, Neo-Cons, Team B and Northwoods oh my...... digg NewsVine YahooMyWeb Furl Fark Spurl TailRank Ma.gnolia blogmarks co.mments Reddit


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