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The Purpose Lounge


The Purpose Lounge creates and teaches innovative strategies of personal and community team building and outreach. We address issues of personal development, non-ownership complex, and social / media literacy through historical civics. Our program takes the perspective that cultural history, media literacy, and civics are the cornerstones of any truly empowered person and/or community.


Our lead community partner, Bailey's Cafe, founded by educator and community leader Stefanie Siegel, does amazing work and we are honored to collaborate with their incredible network of artists, educators, families, and community activists. We have done a number of projects with them and we will be producing videos with them in the future. The multigenerational work they do in their Bed-Stuy community base should be a model for anyone who wants to impact and inspire the lives of people, young and old.
Click here for Bailey's website

Letter of support from Kristy Nguyen creator and coordinator for the Queens Satellite High School for Opportunity CCM Program

Thank you for your donations  and support for all of our Purpose Lounger Awards for Excellence. We have relaunched the project for 2017 with an amazing recipient, Jamyra Salley. It was awarded on June 17, 2017 at our annual Juneteenth Celebration at the Hancock Community Backyard Garden Park, 324 Hancock St., Brooklyn. You can see the videos below to understand the full impact of this award and its import in the lives of the recipients.

Please donate to the 2018 Purpose Lounge Award for Excellence using the donate button below.
[IMPORTANT: We are not a registered non-profit. You will not get a tax benefit. It will provide you and the recipient with a benefit far better than the tax write-off you would have gotten.]

We humbly thank you all for your donations for our 2012-2013 Purpose Lounge Award for Excellence. Thanks to your generosity the award was fully funded for the 2013-2014 school year as well! Please donate to our future projects. 100% of donations go to the Purpose Lounge project and the annual Purpose Lounge Award for Excellence.

The award was given to someone who had shown an exceptional level of personal and academic excellence and improvement over the school year at the Queens Satellite High School for Opportunity, in Jamaica, NY, where our PL in the Classroom project was based. We celebrated personal growth in a way that the student,
the entire school, and by extension their family, friends, and extended neighborhood, can see that we recognize and celebrate their efforts for growth. The three years we gave this award were transformational for the students and for us.

We are proud to announce the relaunching this award in Summer 2017 at our Bed-Stuy home base at the Hancock Community Backyard Garden Park. The award will be given to a community member or group that exemplifies the spirit of Purpose Lounge during our annual Juneteenth celebration, Saturday, June 17th, 2017.

The Purpose Lounge Award for Excellence is 13" high [including the base], made out of chrome-plated aluminum and has an engraved plate on the base. We proudly support a local Jamaica, Queens merchant, Teresa Bishop's Lifestyle Awards, for award and engraving services. In addition, recipients receive an 8.5" x 11" framed certificate detailing the award and a gift box filled with two free tickets to a legendary Apollo Theater event, two round-trip Metro Cards, $100 in cash, and coupons for goods and services from around the New York City 5-borough region [focusing on the Jamaica, Queens region], and more. All donors were listed in the award folder insert and the video of the graduation.

Below we present video of our 2012, 2013, 2014 Purpose Lounge Award for Excellence ceremonies. They were presented during the graduation ceremony of the Queens Satellite High School for Opportunity, Jamaica, New York.

Though we didn't have the recipient in our classroom, they certainly deserved our 2014 award.

This is the second annual presentation of the award. Our 2013 recipient is a fine representation of the mission of the PL in the Classroom program.

In 2012, we presented the first Purpose Lounge Award for Excellence. This annual project is our way of acknowledging the efforts of a student that has overcome giving up on themselves to find a way to their true potential.

Purpose Lounge Partners with Sportz Farm
Purpose Lounge founder, Darryl Montgomery, returned home with the partnering of Purpose Lounge and Sportz Farm. Founded by Coach "Teko" Hammary, Sportz Farm has had an amazing impact on the Asbury Park, NJ, community. With the successes of Purpose Lounge in Harlem, Brooklyn, and Jamaica, Queens and those of Sportz Farm in New Jersey, we create a powerhouse entity utilizing proven concepts for harm reduction and or addressing a number of core issues found in traditionally underfunded and under-resourced communities. Purpose Lounge has provided cultural history, media literacy and engaged civics curricula, as well as developed and managed video and new media production for Sportz Farm.

Here is the 8:30 micro documentary:

Purpose Lounge also produced a 15 sec & 90 sec promo, a 8:30 micro-documentary for Sportz Farm via our s6k Media sister company.

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