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Digital Disturbance
DJ Darryl Hell
Killing The Joke: The John Bechdel Story
Machine Age Madness
DJ Zvetschka
Impact Arena RAID-io
Sonik Slam
Vicky Virgin
HL_Blastfloor Sessions
s6k Arts News
Interrupted Life
Fleur de Sel Diaries
How Do You Know: 9/11/01?
The Orwell Doctrine
HellLab 4
HellLab 5
HellLab 6[66]


HellLab 4


We'd like to thank everyone for coming out to HL4...especially since we had visitors from Canada, the Netherlands, and the majority of you traveled more that 3 hours to be there! Also, we send special thanx & love to Anita Durst [executive dir. of chashama] for her support. Without her, this performance series wouldn't be possible. In the upcoming weeks [when we wake up! LOL] we'll have video here so you can check out some choice clips from our 12-hour performance laboratory. We also give a special thanx to Jared [of Chemlab/5th Column Records] for gracing us with a 30-min performance after executing a complete performance [to a packed house] just a few hours earlier.

In 1992 - 1995, an event was created to remove the restrictions of traditional music/performance venues. The Hell House mixed-media multi-location parties were modeled after the psychodelic loft parties of the 1960's, with an industrial, ambient, tekno, breakbeat, experimental noise twist. They featured artists/units like Emergency Broadcast Network [7 years prior to me joining the unit], DJ Denard, DJ Reade, Wolfgang Busch [New York New Rock TV], FeedBuck Galore, Scott Generik [23 5 prods.],Virus 23, Virtual Melanin Inc., Sheldon Drake, and Fractured Cylinder to name a few.HellLab 4 [the isolation lounge]
       @ chashama theater 217 E 42nd st. NYC
           a twelve hour media landscape
          12.29.06 / 9pm to 9am

The party formalized itself in 1995, and its name was FurnaceLab. This was a series of events created by Darryl Hell and produced by Silent Records, SF, US. 2002-2003 saw the resurrection of the event in the form of HellLaba mixed-media performance laboratory. 

Now in a new space and a fresh vision...
                  we present to you

HL4 returned to the roots of its genesis; artists performing for artists within the framework of a non-competitive and chill environment. 
          [it no particular order]
                   Cervello Elettronico / Despina Stamos
            Exclusive video footage of the X-ecutioners live in NYC
     Edgey / Hansel / Massdirge / Nau-Zee-auN
Special performance by Jared Louche [chemlab / 5th column recs]
  Exclusive interview screening  with Genesis P. [throbbing gristle]
Operation:Mindwipe / Terrorfakt / The Vomit Arsonists /
    Tonikom / Future punk videos w/sound in "the lounge"
          Dinner 9 - 10pm / The Blast Floor Session

George Caruso [fort washington, md] was the winner of
                                 he won:
- a fully autographed collectors edition of the
       Death In June: Behind the Mask
DVD [CAN issue]
- an exclusive s6k Arts interview DVD w/Genesis P.

CLICK HERE> for discussions

contact us to get on our list for future events,
                                                 share media or for whatever
       we'll keep you plugged into what we are doing

Thank you all and come back soon to see the vids :)-
      Darryl, Ben and Deftly [HL4's producers]

BTW -  We'd like to apologize for our server and her drunken state. At HellLab we pride ourselves in having a mellow vibe, which she certainly didn't uphold. Have no fear, that will be a one-time, permanent part of our past. Unfortunately, our server's twin came to the party. Hansel, who we love btw, would like to add to our "sketch" apology. The "f#$k you" 2nd "singer" has seen his last show.

A buzz is fine...but when others have to suffer for it,
                     it's not being funny - it's just being disruptive.


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