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Revolution at the Barrel of a Lens


 The lens of a camera [instead of the gun] is now the best weapon to continue and further the centuries-old fight for equality and human dignity. Cameras have brought the tactics of the police, once a well-kept secret, to the televisions of hundreds of millions. People archiving their own experiences is vital for the longevity of their community. A community's history must be told by the people who lived it.

Guns have proved to work against our movement because we are [and will always be] out gunned, hundreds of thousands to one. That withstanding, it is also important to not use the destructive tools of the state. By using tools that can replicate the truth as you experienced it, you pass on something more positive, powerful and long-lasting than blasting someone in a drive-by.

Do not mistake this for being passive. The camera is a powerful weapon that should be used as carefully as a hair-trigger assault riffle. The camera that captures police misconduct is the camera that monitors your every move as you walk through your neighborhood. The hidden camera that captures corporate corruption is over your shoulder every minute of the workday. The camera that makes you safer could also be used to imprison you. 

Documentaries like "Bullets in the Hood" are a great example of what happens when people, from anywhere, stand up and demand that they tell their own story[ies]...because others can't seem to tell it [them] properly.

Cameras [and computers if you want to edit] are very affordable now. You can use any camera; the video camera on your phone, small handheld cameras, digital, Hi-8, small hidden security cameras and/or whatever you feel like using.

Create your own style. Interview your family about their history. Ask the oldest person in your community what her/his childhood was like. Do whatever you long as it doesn't hurt anyone else...and hopefully not yourself either.

Be a witness to history and not a victim of it.
spread the word: SHOOT TAPE - NOT BULLETS



WIRETAP produces undercover phone recordings, interviews and presents select archived Internet video.

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s6k:Investigates - investigative broadcast arm of s6k media

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The Cynthia McKinney Perspective

s6k Media presents The Cynthia McKinney Perspective. A document archive supporting her philosophies and vision.

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How Do You Know What You Know?

a 9/11/01 mixed media installation that asks you to question what you know about 9/11/01

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