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PL In The Classroom


   Welcome to the Purpose Lounge Classroom Web Program


A Guide to Getting Started in Your Community
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About Purpose Lounge "In The Classroom"
The Purpose Lounge curriculum consists of three components; social history, media literacy, and engaged civics.

- Cultural History: Here we introduce students to the social actions that helped to improve our society and the average people who brought them to fruition. From the lunch counter sit-ins to women's suffrage to the 40-hour work week, we experience the benefits of the work average people did toward the betterment of our society everyday.

- Media Literacy: In a time when most people are raised surrounded by technology, yet having no proper training for the maximization of the technology, we provide training in the uses of social media platforms in addition to information gathering and dispersal strategies. This component also addresses cyberbullying, fake news and Internet trolling. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance the student's abilities to access and disseminate factual information and deescalate contentious interactions.

- Engaged Civics: We help the students understand their responsibilities to their families, communities, and by extension, the society as a whole. By showing them examples [targeted at the student's home communities] of the many things people do to improve their society, they learn the multiple personal benefits of participating in community betterment programs. These include, learning organizational structure, how to meet and work with people outside of their age/gender/ethnicity/culture, growing their personal network, operational responsibility, and concept creation project completion.

Our innovative workshops/classes combine web and on-site education. The students receive web-based instructional materials via email to study and prepare for the workshops/classes, which also teaches researching skills and computer literacy and has the secondary effect of teaching students how to use the Internet for educational and research purposes.

We focus on people 16 to 30 years of age, though we work with ALL ages.

The Purpose Lounge model is designed to augment educational/community betterment programs, which are typically under-resourced and require assistance to realize their mission[s]. Our program also goes beyond the traditional classroom facility model to bring cultural/social education and life mentoring directly to the places it's needed, such as, recreational centers, playgrounds, schools, common spaces in public housing, community events, and public/private spaces. In addition, we function as a strategic conduit between similarly focused business and/or organizations to help create internship as well as job opportunities.

We had our first classroom project with teacher Shari Phelps Baerga in 2008 at the Urban Assembly of Music & Art, Brooklyn, NY. We worked with them for two years during their Black History Month 2008 and 2009 programs. In 2009 we created an educational outreach program in Jamaica, NY until 2011.

From early 2011 to 2014, we were been partnered with the Queens Satellite High School for Opportunity, Jamaica, Queens, NY. We have been working in their classrooms to help educate and inform their student body about alternatives to the life options they have believed to be limitations in their lives. Our Education and Self-Empowerment Through Civic Studies curricula engages people of all backgrounds to think about culture and community in a new way. We are also working with other educational and community entities to bring our model to their populations.

Purpose Lounge is partnered with the community educational / artistic organization Bailey's Cafe, Brooklyn, and the Freebrook Academy, Brooklyn.

In 2016 we worked with Ms. Baerga to create a media literacy class for the Millennium Brooklyn High School, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Purpose Lounge provides technical support for the Sportz Farm Foundation, based in Asbury Park, NJ. The Sportz Farm is an academically based Non-Profit organization that incorporates after school programs, sports training, tutoring & mentoring students into the development of future professionals. Our mission is to produce professionals on and off the field.

In 2012, along with Michael Connors [The New York Times], Purpose Lounge was awarded "The Foundations for Success Award" by the Queens Satellite High School for Opportunity. In our efforts to provide full-spectrum support, by request of the QSHFO principle and college coordinator, we are part of a teamwork building initiative for teachers and support staff.

We are proud that our program arranged for students from the Queens Satellite High School for Opportunity students to Queens College (a four-year regional college) for a tour, talk, and a question & answer session. It was titled, "Overcoming Adversity and Breaking Barriers." We believe it's imperative to provide models to show them where to go, to provoke them to learn to constantly ask questions. We have taken them to Monmouth University, Long Branch, NJ, and New York University, NYC.

Our curriculum uses the Civil Rights Movement as a starting point to engage students in a historical exploration in self-empowerment. It is similar to the "Facing History and Ourselves" curricula, while adapted to a multiple-day workshop as well as a singular visit format. Throughout the workshop we expand to discuss a wide spectrum of ethnic, gender, historical and cultural perspectives, which example the commonality of personal evolution required to empower ones self and the communities around them.

We have a number of scalable workshops, programs, and initiatives to work with any educational and/or community-betterment program.
To receive more information about us, please contact us:
or 917-723-7281
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