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The Purpose Lounge Workshop


   presented by
s6k Media and BreakThrough Technologies

The Purpose Lounge Workshops

The Purpose Lounge Empowerment Workshop [powered by The Purpose Lounge] is a unique workshop designed to encourage community & social participation through the exploration of the arts, history, and social & media literacy. The workshop is lead by professionals who have extensive backgrounds in the arts / entertainment industry, telecommunications, for-profit & not-for-profit business and community development. We help people develop ways to motivate themselves, get involved in their communities and empower others.

This program also goes beyond the traditional facility model to bring arts education and life mentoring directly to the places it's needed, such as, recreational centers, playgrounds, schools, common spaces in public housing, community events, and public/private spaces throughout the city. The Purpose Lounge model is to augment educational / community betterment programs, which are typically under-resourced and require assistance to realize their mission[s].

We continue working with the Queens Satellite School for Opportunity, which from 2011 to 2014 served as our home base for BETA testing and developing our classroom model.

Available formats for workshops @ your facility or event. Our program is designed to augment existing educational institutions and community programs to help them be more responsive to the needs and goals of the people they serve.

"Legacy of Freedom Workshop" (Great for outreach and after-school programs)

Workshop includes:
- 40-minute video screening
[we screen documentaries that help people understand the mutual struggles people of many cultures have gone through to empower themselves and their communities.]
- 20-minute presentation
[focusing on personal development/empowerment as well as community development]
- 50-minute discussion session
[a question and answer session to help people learn to and feel comfortable with articulating their opinions and emotions]
- 50-minute "positive outcome" open forum
[a wrap up where participants are prompted to discuss how they could change their lives]
- hand-out literature
- condom distribution & education [available for events that are age & situation appropriate]
- total workshop time: approx. 3 hrs
- requires approximately 2 hrs for set-up [varies by location]

The Purpose Station (For street fairs, teen/young adult expos & outdoor special events)

Purpose Station includes;
- 8' tent outfitted w/signage
- personnel trained for engaging passersby
- video monitors screening socially-minded documentaries
- handout literature about regional community-betterment programs
- educational historical reading materials on hand for viewing
- listening stations of audio [documentaries & books on tape]
- total presentation time: approx. 5 hrs
- requires (1) one grounded AC power connection [We can supply up to 300' of AC grounded cable]
- requires approximately 2 hrs for set-up [varies by location]

[note: All materials and media are for all ages.]

For more information on how to bring us to your facility or augment your program please contact us @:
[phone] 917-723-7281

Program Partners

Darryl Montgomery
Tyrone Thomas

Lead Workshop Coordinator/Presenter

Darryl Montgomery

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Associates

Josh Baldwin
Aleshea Robinson
Joel Robinson
Jeremy Robinson

Workshop Advisory Team

Dr. Ademola Olugebefola
Tracy Ann Essoglou, PhD
Kristy Nguyen
Markus P. Bidell, Ph.D

Wolfgang Busch
Professor Edisa Weeks
Anandi Premlall

Havona Madama


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