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Fleur de Sel

V i c k y   V i r g i n  &  s 6 k   A r t s
T h e   F l e u r   d e   S e l   C h r o n i c l e s

Fleur de Sel is an odd character with an irrational craving for salt. She is experiencing strange craving relapses that are the affects of an unexplained salt overdose, which years later, instigates her into behavior she doesn't understand, and can not control. She's being forced to negotiate a dangerous landscape of passion: desire, bliss and despair. Fleur de Sel is a participant in an experiment. But she doesn't know it.

You can read her diary at

"OK, so I am obsessed with salt. I just can't help myself. Everything about it turns me on the way it dissolves and becomes one with the tip of my tongue, the beautiful crystal-like diamond shapes or the way it roughs up my skin. I am not sure how this all started or where it comes from. Perhaps it began when my forefathers settled on the saltiest lake in the country and then proceeded to fail seven crops. Or maybe from skipping amongst the cow licks in my grandpa's cow pastures. Oh! How beautiful they were---pink and hard and undulating and gray and soft and white and cold and smooth--- think Henry Moore sculptures. And then it was probably cinched by my discovery at an early age of the pure thrill of raiding a midsummer night garden armed with nothing but a salt shaker. Whatever it is, I just can't seem to get enough." Fleur de Sel


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