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Shadows of the Octopus

Homeland 2004 - pt. 2
click image  "Winston Smith" knew the official story, yet the most disturbing feature of the official story was the US government's response to these events, or better said lack of response.

Initial reports said no aircraft were scrambled to intercept or shoot down the hijacked jets, 2 days later the story changed. Both an Air Force General and a spokesman for NORAD then claimed that Jets were scrambled after the Pentagon was hit, even tough they were alerted by the FAA to a hijacking 10 minutes before the first tower was hit, the US inaction is more astonishing when the NORAD representative admitted that "fighters routinely intercept aircraft." FAA intercept procedures for hijacked aircraft were in place before the Homeland attack, between September 2000 and June 2001 the US military launched fighter aircraft on 67 occasions to chase suspicious aircraft. It is US legal requirement that once an aircraft has moved off its flight plan, fighter planes are sent up to investigate. Why was there such a slow reaction? The first hijacking was suspected at no later than 8:20 am and the last hijacked plane crashed in Pennsylvania at 10:06 am, yet not a single fighter plane was scrambled to investigate from the US Andrews Air Force base, just 10 miles from Washington DC, until after the third plane had hit the pentagon at 9:38 am. Why not? Was this inaction simply the result of key people disregarding, or being ignorant of procedure? If so why are there no reprimands or terminations? Or could US air security operations have been deliberately stood down, if so why? On whose authority?

Winston discovered that a document from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff dated June 1, 2001 was issued concerning procedure for hijacked aircraft, this document superseded all previous protocol. It states "In the event of a hijacking, the NMCC will be notified by the most expeditious means by the FAA. The NMCC will, with the exception of immediate responses as authorized by reference D, forward request for DOD assistance to the Secretary of Defense for approval."

Reference D, refers to Department of Defense directive 3025.15 (FEB. 18, 1997), Which allows for commanders in the field to provide assistance to save lives in an emergency situation-BUT any request providing " potentially lethal support" must still be approved by the Secretary of Defense. That would be Donald Rumsfeld.

Winston then looked at a story that is hardly spoken about in the main stream press, the story of manipulators with inside information who made huge profits on sophisticated trades as the stocks of airline and insurance companies plummeted in the aftermath of the attack on the Homeland. The inside information was so precise that experts have concluded that it could only have come from those that masterminded the terror attacks. This money trail is the closest investigators have come to a "smoking gun" and could lead directly to those who planned the attacks. But with the notable exception of Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D.-Ga), Congress has yet to demand a thorough and open investigation. In the days preceding and following the terror attacks, suspicious and unusual stock trading activity indicated that people used inside information to make huge profits. The money made from the trades done with apparent inside information has been estimated at up to $15 billion worldwide. European reporters found that most of the suspicious pre-attack trades passed through Deutschebank and especially via Alex Brown's investment division by means of a procedure called portage, which assures the anonymity of individuals making the transactions. The lead hijacker and two accomplices had bank accounts at its Hamburg branch. But more importantly The former Alex Brown division head, is the current executive director of the CIA, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard. The CIA does have "real time" stock trade monitoring. Congress has not publicly revealed whether they will call Krongard and other Alex Brown traders to testify in open hearings, or whether they will subpoena pre-attack documents in question.

"This could very well be insider trading at the worst, most horrific, most evil use you've ever seen in your entire life...this would be one of the most extraordinary coincidences in the history of mankind if it was a coincidence," Dylan Ratigan of Bloomberg Business News commenting on the situation. No US or foreign agency has announced arrests or developments in the investigation of these trades, the most telling evidence of foreknowledge.

Winston was then shocked to learn that there was strong evidence that Israeli intelligence operatives engaged in clandestine dealings on American soil and almost certainly had advance knowledge of the attack on the Homeland. Winston learned that a number of Israeli nationals were taken into custody by federal authorities after the attack on the Homeland, and were suspected of having material knowledge relative to the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. These Israeli agents may have gathered intelligence about the attacks and not shared it. The probability that the Israeli Mossad learned of the attack on the Homeland looms large with the fact that no Israeli citizen was a victim of the disaster, and the report that Israeli citizens were forewarned. Why were US officials not informed, or were they?

Winston then came to question who, really carried out the attacks. 26 intelligence services in the US with a budget of $30 billion couldn't see this attack coming, yet within 48 hours the FBI comes up with a list of all the hijackers. But astonishingly ten days later reports start emanating of some of these supposed suicide bombers are still alive. One of these men (living in Casablanca, Morocco) even went to the press and the American and Saudi authorities protesting his innocence. Winston then sees after seven months of non-stop declarations by the US government that there exists solid proof that these 19 men carried out the attack on the homeland, the FBI director admits the opposite, he admits that they left no "paper trail", and that they have found no evidence of their "Actual plotting". And yet the mainstream media continues to parade these men as solely responsible.

Winston then begins to investigate the supposed leader of the attack on the Homeland, this Osama bin Laden and what he finds is not what the main stream press, reports he finds the opposite.

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