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Digital Disturbance
DJ Darryl Hell
Killing The Joke: The John Bechdel Story
Machine Age Madness
DJ Zvetschka
Impact Arena RAID-io
Sonik Slam
Vicky Virgin
HL_Blastfloor Sessions
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Interrupted Life
Fleur de Sel Diaries
How Do You Know: 9/11/01?
The Orwell Doctrine
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s6k Arts News

s6k Arts News

s6k Arts is a collective with the mission to assist and be a resource to the global arts community, though our primary focus will be in the US. For many years, only a rare few spoke out about the serious structural problems with the business and funding of the arts, specifically in the United States. We feel it's our responsibility to walk in their footsteps.

s6k Arts News is an organically growing archive of artistic ideas, media, commentary and experiences. Our content comes from our network partners, many of them industry veterans, in nearly every part of the "entertainment industry." They are all dedicated to protecting and healing the arts community they [we] have such reverence for. We define "entertainment industry" in the most broad terms; legal, business, media, tech and production, promotional, venue ownership/management, marketing, conceptual, and performance.

We provide thoughtful arts conversations [a number with art culture legends], production information, art culture news & commentary, as well as strategies and tools to help people create, own and profit from their art. Of course, there's some humor thrown in... because we deal with the problems of the world so we can enjoy the beautiful gift of Earth we've been blessed with!

Your feedback will enable us to enhance our tactical vision in our struggle to preserve the existence of "pure art for art sake" in the United States...before it is devoured by people who seem to be primarily interested in artistic expression that is conceived to feed the hype machine.

Jan 01 2011 Richard Goes To Hell
"Richard Goes To Hell v1" an Aphex Twin "Come to Daddy" video remix by DJ Hell
Oct 10 2010 Purpose Lounge 2010/2011 Workshop Launch Party
Thursday, October 14, 2010 [time] 4:00pm to 9pm [location] Purpose Lounge @ chashama 147-12 Archer Avenue, Jamaica, Queens.
Jun 05 2009 The Purpose Lounge [A Legacy of Freedom] Mixed Media Series: June 2009
"A Legacy of Freedom" addressed the issues, trials and tribulations of the struggles all peoples have gone through to define themselves as "free."
May 12 2009 Visit 7 Hot Spots with ArtCrawl Harlem
The Harlem Arts Alliance takes you inside seven visual arts venues in ArtCrawl Harlem(tm), a trolley guided tour featuring some of Harlem's top galleries.
Apr 02 2009 Voidstar Productions presents: 2009 Multimedia Circus
Aerialist Silks performers, turntablists, performance artists, circuit benders, video artists, classical drummers and much more converge in a barrage of performances that are rarely experienced at an amazing new venue. THE ARMORY 191 Highland Avenue Somerville, MA
Oct 25 2008 What is Politics? [an s6k Arts perspective]
A little boy goes to his dad and asks, 'What is Politics ?' Dad says, 'Well son, let me try to explain it this way: I am the head of the family, so call me The President. Your mother is the administrator of the money, so we call her the Government . We are here to take care of your needs, so we will call you the People . The nanny, we will consider her the Working Class . And your baby brother, we will call him the Future. Now think about that and see if it makes sense.'
Aug 15 2008 chashama presents: TAX-FREE ART SHOW Aug 15 to Aug 27, 2008
TAX-FREE ART SHOW Aug 15 to Aug 27, 2008 @ chashama 169 & Teneleven Tavern 171 Avenue C Alphabet City, New York City
Jul 16 2008 Vicky Virgin's Salt Lake, a New Ballet in 3 Acts @ the Fringe NYC
Salt Lake, a New Ballet in 3 Acts The Lafayette Street Theatre at 45 Bleecker Street (at Lafayette) All tickets $15. Running time is one hour Subways: 6 to Bleeker St.; B, D, F, V to Broadway/Lafayette; N, R to Prince Street
Nov 06 2007 Impact Arena
Impact Arena is an experiment in movement on video, disabled performance and environmental sound extraction. This collaboration between dancer/choreographer Michelle Mantione and veteran mixed-media artist Darryl Hell hopes to alter the popularized perspectives of the disabled arts community.
Nov 04 2007 a conversation w/John Bechdel & Darryl Hell; Paul Raven Remembered
s6k Arts presents a conversation between Darryl Hell and John Bechdel about the life of Paul Raven. John had toured extensively with Paul in Killing Joke, Prong, Fear Factory and Ministry.
Sep 18 2007 The Orwell Doctrine; 9.11.01 Live
This is a living document of the 9/11 infoArt installation of How Do You Know What You Know? The Orwell Doctrine was created for a free 9/11/01 window display [@ 266 W.37th St., NYC] commemorating the 6th anniversary of 9/11/01.
Sep 16 2007 DJ Darryl Hell "Tool and Die" live remix
This is a jammed DJ remix of Consolidated's Tool and Die by DJ Darryl Hell, filmed at Xris Flam's Mindswerve Studio, NYC. It is a 3-camera live mix done by Wolfgang Busch, w/camera by Mike Intile & Wolfgang Busch.
Jul 09 2007 X-ECUTIONERS Live @ S.O.B's
The X-ECUTIONERS (lords of turntablism) are featured here in this s6k Entertainment exclusive video.
Jun 19 2007 an s6k Arts interview w/Annie Sprinkle
Get another inside look at Annie Sprinkle...LOL s6k Arts had the pleasure to sit down on a NYC stoop with Annie Sprinkle (legendary performance artist and porn star) for a conversation. [Rated PG13]
Jun 19 2007 an s6k Arts interview w/Genesis P-Orridge
Genesis P-Orridge, renowned performance art legend and person who coined the phrase "industrial music," had Darryl Hell over to his home for a conversation about the state of industrial music and much more. A should-see for "industrial" music & art culture enthusiasts and Throbbing Gristle / Psychic TV fans.
May 10 2007 A New York City Stoop-chat with legendary performance artist and porn star Annie Sprinkle
We hope you enjoy our New York City stoop conversation with legendary performance artist and porn star Annie Sprinkle. We were lucky enough to catch her in NYC during the run of her show Exposed: at the Collective Unconscious, NYC. The show ran through May till the 12th 2007. If you were lucky, you got tix for the performance's final weekend.
Jul 11 2006 ~Syd Barrett Passes Away at 60~ contributor:louisa ashleigh
Syd Barrett, the former lead singer of Pink Floyd and one of the key figures of the 60s, has died at the Cambridgeshire home to which he retreated as a recluse more than 30 years ago.
Jun 28 2006 Sleater Kinney calls it quits contributor:tamra spyvey
I admit there were times I was jealous of them. From the start they had (the at the time almighty in the underground) Kill Rock Stars in their corner. They received the unalloyed blessing of all riot grrrl contingents and never knew as I did what it was like to be shunned over false rumors. They got to open for Sonic Youth and they toured the world.
Jun 12 2006 Hear the new Mindless Self Indulgence song contributor:DAMN Artist Management
The new Mindless Self Indulgence demo, "Pay For It", has been posted to the MSI MySpace Player.
May 29 2006 An Amazing Female Musician, Cheikha Rimitti, Dies @ 83 contributor:tamra spyvey
Cheikha Rimitti, a pioneer of the rebellious Algerian pop called raï, died on May 15 in Paris, where she had lived since 1978. She was 83. Cheikha Rimitti was considered the queen of raï (RYE or rah-AY), which means opinion in Arabic. She sang daringly and forthrightly about sexuality, poverty, drinking, oppression and independence. "Misfortune is my teacher," she often said.
May 27 2006 Musicians with Nothing to Say contributor:tamra spyvey
I've been reading an amazing book The Culture of Make Believe by Derrick Jensen, I highly recommend it to anyone. Jensen unflinchingly digs into the tangled history of money and violence. Telling the story of a black woman in Georgia in 1918 who after her husband was killed by the Klan vowed revenge and then was abducted, hung up, had her belly slit open with a pork knife and her eight month old fetus's head stomped in front of her before being tortured to death, Derrick doesn't blame racism alone. He points out that some very fertile land was abandoned shortly after when the black community fled the area.
May 14 2006 News Archive 10/22/03 to 10/6/04
May 11 2006 Indentured servitude contributor:tamra spivey
One of the things that sucks most about Viacom (MTV and VH1) is the way they use new talent. You probably already know the way they screwed Matt Judge out of making any money on the Beavis and Butthead cartoon. Essentially they have various ways of gathering together promising young talent and the deal they cut goes like this: we give you a shot at the big time you give us your first born child. The price for admission to the big boy club is your first hit belongs to the man.
May 11 2006 The death of another all ages club. Can you help? contributor: Tamra Spivey
Last night I got this message from a girl musician: "Hey, I'm from Bremerton, Washington [about an hour away from seattle] and I drum for The Extinct. We used to have a number of venues to play at locally; The Burrito Connection, Rush's, The Tiki House.. The burrito connection isn't having shows for a while because they lose money, Rush's closed down, and the city closed the Tiki House.
Apr 28 2006 Tips for Girls Who Want to Rock by Tamra Spivey of Lucid Nation
This is addressed to female musicians because there are too damn few of us. But males will find useful information and a few kind words, too. All the following is of course my hot air and you may find your own experiences contradict mine. Never forget your life is yours alone to understand, enjoy the adventure.
Apr 26 2006 Harley Flanagan [Misfits/Murphy's Law/Cromags/ect.] How I got into Punk Rock/The Early Day's of NYHC the NY SKIN scene...
You mighta seen some of the picture of me with the the Clash,Dead boys or Ramones etc or at the old Punk shows in Europe and England etc the old Punk/HC gigs when I was just a kid and, People often ask me how i got into "Punk" so young.. well....ha ha ha ha it was Moms fault ha ha ha ha...
Apr 25 2006 Harley Flanagan and the hardcore Hall of Fame; What is punk rock and is it really dead?
Yo People check out.. This site consists of contributions from many of my Old friends and peers from the late 70's early 80's and up till the early 90's . Including such Hardcore legends as Henry rollins ,Darryl from the Bad Brains members of Agnostic front Murphy's law and many other NYC and DC east coast West coast Hardcore bands telling the stories and deflating the myths and setting the record straight on Hardcore!!!! For those of you Who "Gotta Know"...This is Hardcore...
Apr 13 2006 The Crucifiction of the Bunny
This is the day they crusified the easter bunny, butchered and hid his remains in eggs colored with bunny blood.
Nov 17 2005 Douglas. P. "BEHIND THE MASK": Official Website
Douglas. P. "BEHIND THE MASK": Official Website launch
Nov 15 2005 Last Day to Preorder Death In June's Behind the Mask
Today, 11/15, is the LAST DAY to pre-order Death In June's Behind The Mask from the Voidstore.
Sep 15 2005 9/11: How Do You Know What You Know? Exhibit ends Tonight
9/11: How Do You Know What You Know? an informational artivist media window installation created by Darryl Hell/s6k Entertainment presented by chashama Arts, NYC
Sep 06 2005 Loose Change: 9/11 Documentary Unlike None Other
This is the best and most meticulously documented documentary about 9/11 I've ever seen. With 9/11 approaching, it's important that we see it with clear eyes.
Aug 29 2005 Behind the Mask, DI6 is now available for order
Behind the Mask, featuring Douglas Pearce (Crisis & Death in June respectively), is a glimpse into a life of imposed militarism, art, and extremely deep emotional journeys. Its a look at what happened before the music started and the formative building blocks that influence[d] his art and life.
Jul 03 2005 Death in June contest - and the winner is...
And the winner of the Death In June contest is...
Jun 23 2005 Douglas P. - Death in June contest -, Voidstore, Tesco
Douglas P. - Death in June Be the first to answer either both or one of the two questions by June 30th and youll get...
Jun 02 2005 Bleeding the Artist; The Exposure Carrot Exposed
Apr 19 2005 THEATER, GENOCIDE & PROTEST: NYC Street Theater Group Acts Against Slaughter in Darfur
THEATER, GENOCIDE & PROTEST Street Theater Group Acts Against Continuing Slaughter in Darfur. commentary by Howard Pflanzer
Apr 12 2005 University Inc.
In a time when the University of Massachusetts Lowell campus's non-commercial radio station WUML (formerly WJUL) is in a fight with administrators trying to break contracts that were made with the station to protect student produced airtime for the sake of a few bucks from commercial interests, this article seemed to look at the same root problem of corporate influence in our Universities with even more devestating consequences.
Apr 01 2005 DI6 documentary, be part of this audience interview for s6k Media & Voidstar Productions
Midnight, Monday, April 4th 2005 to Midnight, Wednesday, April 6th 2005, Douglas Pearce of Death In June will receive questions via email.
Mar 26 2005 The Kennedys will Never be Dead: Thoughts on Punk Rock, Rebellion, and Historical Memory
I was listening to NPR's "This American Life," and heard a dope story about Dead Kennedys front man, Jello Biafra and Prosecutor Michael Guarino, the man who tried to put him in jail for obscenity.
Mar 25 2005 Only In America
ONLY IN AMERICA: Only in drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front...
Mar 25 2005 s6kArts News Team Scoops RUNews Collective
Over the past two years, the "news" on this site has been provided by the Real University News Collective. They've had stories ranging in topics as large as world financial scandals to the grassroots problems of organizing a block association to better serve its community.
Mar 24 2005 British Prankster Smuggles Art Into Top NY Museums
About an hour or so ago (Thu Mar 24, 2005 2:25 PM ET), Banksy gave an interview to the American wire service, Reuters. In the interview he sheds a few more details on the how he pulled it off.
Mar 23 2005 WUML/WJUL under attack!!!
The UMass Lowell administration has recently revealed to the student members of WUML that they plan to take over more hours to broadcast Lowell Spinners baseball games.
Mar 22 2005 Live Journal Fascists...They Still Didn't F**K OFF!
This is from a Live Journal conversation about a Blood Axis / Changes show in NYC. I tried to respond to the post, and since I couldn't, I realized I have other ways to respond. So here we go. Consider this a public response to dictator88.
Mar 16 2005 The DVD, Theatrical Release and U.S. Tour of "How Do I Look" is Coming
The long awaited How Do I Look theater release is scheduled for Thanksgiving and the DVD will be for sale for the Christmas season of 2005. Several job and many volunteer opportunities are available to the community at large, to help us to make the OPENINGS smooth and successful.
Mar 10 2005 Correcting a Live Journal conversation about Darryl Hell promoting Blood Axis
It's come to my attention that there's a conversation on Live Journal about me. It claimed that I was a promoter of a Blood Axis show produced by Jane from Tesco. It also insinuated that I supported the show's performers and had worked with them.
Mar 06 2005 DIJ's Douglas P. does his First Documentary for s6k Media & Voidstar Productions
Fall 2005, s6k Media & Voidstar Productions will be releasing the first conversation / interview / documentary of the life and art of Douglas P. of Death In June.
Mar 01 2005 Urgent! Send a letter to the FCC to save WZBC, and WMFO!!!
In my last post on I called for help and told about WUML (formerly WJUL) being taken apart piece by piece by corporate interest and school administrators.
Mar 01 2005 Public meeting to save WUML this Thursday
Public meeting to save WUML this Thursday
Jul 01 2004 The End of an Error
It's a shame that Neville Wells will be the scapegoat for the larger issue. Though Neville's irresponsible attitude has finally come to bare, stop and think how many others have fallen and who'll be next. This scene has a numerous amount of people whom are accidents waiting to happen.
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