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     a series of investigative interviews

It's been stated that the Internet hasn't produced much in the way of local news. They believe the Internet only follows the lead of the traditional media. They clearly need to check their facts. The Internet is filled with first-person accounts of things the traditional media couldn't have cared less about...yet the Internet attention forced the traditional media to act. Independent journalists [with the tools of computers and the Internet] have positioned themselves as the fact checkers of the mainstream media, the U.S. Government and the world as a whole.

Here we throw our hat in the ring, presenting local stories, which hopefully will resonate no matter where you live or who you are.

On Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday [January 15th, 2007] we launched this sektion in honor of community media for the undercovered issues of communities throughout the country.

Sep 20 2008 "All He Wanted was a Hamburger" A Lawyer's Story #1
On September 15, 2008, s6k:Investigates sat down with a person who deserves to be recognized for his dedication to the human rights movement. William Shanahan is a lawyer and human of the highest order. A person who puts his values to action, especially when the people elected, appointed and hired to govern us have faltered. The story you are about to read is COMPLETELY TRUE [though incredible to believe] and heavily documented in court transcripts...and in Mr. Shanahan's mind as he was the lawyer who represented the person in this story.
Apr 07 2008 Eminent Domain Report; Gopal Panday [on the phone] April 7, 2008
Gopal Panday has been fighting eminent domain in Long Branch, NJ for several years. This is a phone conversation we had with him on April 7, 2008.
Mar 03 2008 s6k:Investigates Goes Primetime with the "Drunk Cops" story
Our objective of pushing this story was to press the New Jersey Attorney General to change the civil law that made this issue "confidential." "...civil service rules consider much of the discipline process to be confidential..."
Feb 22 2008 Ann Wright @ the Community Bookstore, Brooklyn
Col. Ann Wright speaks in support of her book, "Dissent: Voices of Conscience." She should be a motivating factor to anyone who's goal is to have an accountable United States Government and/or responsible and informed citizenry.
Jan 08 2008 Eminent Domain Report; Bill Rodwell and the Legacy of 111 Arts, Jersey City, NJ
In this edition, we sit down with William Rodwell, ex-tenant assoc. pres. of the 111 Arts building in Jersey City, NJ. He was one of the original artists in that building and provides a very vivid account of the issues surrounding the death of the "The Powerhouse Art District."
Dec 05 2007 Eminent Domain and Disaster Economics: Rev. Kevin Brown [pt 2]
Rev. Kevin Brown has been dedicated to the Long Branch, NJ community for years. He's dealing with a battle between land grabbers, politicians and the U.S. Government.
Nov 23 2007 Eminent Domain and Disaster Economics: Gopal Panday
Mr. Gopal Panday is a Long Branch, NJ land-owner who is in a fight to save his business, property and means of support.
Nov 23 2007 Eminent Domain and Disaster Economics: Rev. Kevin Brown [pt1]
Rev. Kevin Brown has been dedicated to the Long Branch, NJ community for years. He's dealing with a battle between land grabbers, politicians and the U.S. Government.
Nov 02 2007 111 Arts (Japanese Documentary)
During the early 2000's there was a battle in Jersey City, New Jersey. It was a defining moment in NJ Arts and representative of what happens to arts communities throughout the U.S. We are thrilled to have brought this issue and documentary into the light.
Oct 26 2007 A Conversation with Lee Perry
In this s6k:I exclusive, we have been provided with the honor of talking to the person who filmed a video of official police misconduct in Jersey City, New Jersey. We thank Lee Perry for coming forward and talking with us.
Oct 11 2007 Jersey City [NJ] Internal Affairs Unit; statement on "Drunk Cops" video
This is the official statement we received from the Jersey City [New Jersey] Internal Affairs Unit. They have been very helpful in helping us get to the bottom of this matter. We've recently had an interview with them that also illuminates a few things for us that we'll be posting on our site soon.
Jun 19 2007 Michael Ruppert
This interview with Michael Ruppert was the product of a conversation during a Spring 2007 meeting between a group of people that included Cynthia McKinney, Michael Ruppert, Darryl Hell and Tyrone Thomas.
Mar 17 2007 The Endless War Memorial 3.15.07
We felt it was important to cover the Endless War Memorial event in Times Square, NYC, since it has gotten far too little coverage, outside of the alternative media. This was quite an odd fact since the "most popular and trusted" news sources in the U.S. are all within 3 blocks of this "D"emocratic action.
Jan 15 2007 Racism in Hospitals
Featured here is an interview with a person who works in a hospital. Her name and the location can not be revealed due to the fear of reprisal.
Feb 14 2004 A Question of Coincidence
I present this to you to ask the eternal question, when does the negative forces of this country become interested in someone and what tactics would they use?
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