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Miss Oats Health Notes

Miss Oats Health Notes

Greetings! Welcome to Miss Oats Health Notes. I'm Miss Oats, I'm 31 years old and I, like so many other Americans, lived a very unhealthy lifestyle for a very long time.  I went from an unhealthy “normal weight”, to overweight, on to obese within 10 years. 

HOWEVER, all that has changed... click for complete bio

"What a Difference a Day Makes", Ella Fitzgerald says.
Spring 2006, I was also diagnosed with Lupus (possibly triggered by the accident at work...see

This journal will be about my personal journey to good health, eating properly, fitness, the obesity epidemic in America, illness and wellness, in general. I am constantly on the look out for ways to make my life healthier. I have 25 pounds to my goal weight, and am determined to treat my lupus without the use of drugs for as long as I possibly can. I want to be a good example for my son, so that he never has to deal with weight issues and the stress associated with them. 
To Good Health!
Miss Oats

Dec 04 2006 End of Year Wrap Up
Miss Oats wraps up end of year, briefly
Oct 18 2006 Ill
"The Scottish Flu"
Sep 21 2006 Emotionally Fat and The Biggest Loser
Touching on The Biggest Loser Reality show and emotional issues with weight.
Aug 02 2006 Back to reality after a few weeks of insanity (literal at times!)
Miss Oats settles back into a routine after a few weeks on hiatus....
Jul 11 2006 Still Here!
Miss Oats resurfaces and a good read for you all....
Jun 19 2006 Stress and Feminism
Stress, it's effects and how to cope. Also, KFC gets sued.
Jun 09 2006 Quitting smoking and cake!
excuses and smoking, and a "diet" cake
May 30 2006 Just a Few Things
Just a few things for the morning after a holiday weekend!
May 23 2006 SHOCKING foods
I’m dedicating this to “shocking and surprising” nutritional content of certain foods. The idea of this came to me, after my boyfriend and I were out shopping Mother’s Day weekend, and saw a Dairy Queen. He said he hadn’t had a Blizzard in years. In we went, he ordered a large Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard. A few days later I went to and read just how many calories and fat were in that Blizzard. I was blown away when I saw it was a whopping 1050 calories and 38 grams of fat. I expected it to be high, but certainly not THAT high. I decided to investigate other surprising and shocking nutrition info.
May 22 2006 Weight Loss
Greetings! I was not planning on my first blog being about weight loss, however, since I'm constantly being asked... here you go!
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