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Purpose Lounge Media Guide


At a time when people are being told that there is no factual basis to frame one's understanding of the world, we provide a media list that we remain informed by. Many ask us how we remain informed and aware when there is so much going on and very little time. Our response is very basic; it is our collective social responsibility to constantly scrutinize the management and allocation of the resources and laws of our society. This requires the prioritization of social information over entertainment. It's the exact thing that anyone who has worked to create a better society for others had done, no matter their income, ethnicity or geographic location. It is the imbalance of this that has created the society we currently face. Without more people becoming more socially driven and engaged, in whatever way they deem possible, we can see our current state as our new normal. It is now up to you to decide how the future is written. Pick up a pen.

A direct answer to "fake news" from a 1991 excerpt of “Force and Opinion” by Noam Chomsky:
Published in Z Magazine, July-August, 1991

The fears expressed by the men of best quality in the 17th century have become a major theme of intellectual discourse, corporate practice, and the academic social sciences. They were expressed by the influential moralist and foreign affairs adviser Reinhold Niebuhr, who was revered by George Kennan, the Kennedy intellectuals, and many others. He wrote that “rationality belongs to the cool observers” while the common person follows not reason but faith. The cool observers, he explained, must recognize “the stupidity of the average man,” and must provide the “necessary illusion” and the “emotionally potent oversimplifications” that will keep the naive simpletons on course. As in 1650, it remains necessary to protect the “lunatic or distracted person,” the ignorant rabble, from their own “depraved and corrupt” judgments, just as one does not allow a child to cross the street without supervision.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. talked about two problems that remain our quintessential social issues; "The paralysis of analysis" [the overstudy of an issue while being devoid of devising means to address the issue] and the requirement of a "radical revolution of values" [shifting our personal guiding philosophies from a self-centered idea of society to fully accepting our responsibilities to the society and world we live in]. We lead you into our media guide with a quote from Dr. King that directly speaks to every moment in history for us as a species. "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." MLK

Once you have determined that you want to put some action behind your words, go to and we'll make the next step in respect to what you can do very easy.


Structural Analysis of the United States and its Processes of Socialization
“Force and Opinion” by Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky Explains his Propaganda Model
The Institute for Propaganda Analysis’ Seven Devices of Propaganda
A Very Brief History of Propaganda in Times Past
Capitalism: A Ghost Story - An Evening with Arundhati Roy and Siddhartha Deb
H. Rap Brown Breaks down Politics of America on Like It Is w/ Gil Noble
Ella Baker Speaks! "The Voice that Says Life is More Sacred Than Property Must Be Heard!"
Take a Walk in My Shoes: Jane Elliott
Purpose Lounge "A Close Look in the Mirror"
Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn "Demand the Impossible"

Angela Davis speaking about Politics in the Educational System at UCLA 10/8/1969
Robert P. Moses - The Mississippi Freedom Movement in the 1960s: A Structural Analysis

Current and Historical Research and Information

The Congressional Budget Office
The Government Accountability Office
The World Channel

Investigative Reporting
Center for Investigative Reporting/
13 Investigative Journalists you should know
The Investigative Fund
Global Investigative Journalism Network
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Youth Oriented Media Resource
Common Sense Media

Daily Independent News & Analysis

Democracy Now!

Foreign-Based Media with a Substantial US Focus (Qatar) (UK) (The Global Investigative Journalism Network) (Russia) (Germany}

Media Watchdogs

Anti-Capitalist Organizations/Sites

Independent Conservative News

US Corporate Mixed Politics News

Educational Research Site

Educational Media Literacy Resources (National Association For Media Literacy Education) (Center For Media Literacy)


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