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Miss Oats Bio

As a teenager, I became a vegetarian in the name of animal rights. That doesn't mean I ate veggies though!!!  Like a lot of other teenagers, I lived on a diet of pizza, junk food, and cigarettes. I was never "thin", but I was at a normal weight for my 5'2" frame. At some point, I gave up my "vegetarian" lifestyle, and continued to eat poorly, except that I now incorporated meat, and started packing on pounds after high school. I married at 21, had my son at 22, and never even made a full attempt to lose the baby weight. I separated from my husband at 24, and suddenly had free weekends when my son went to his father's. I spent those weekends in clubs drinking and then headed off to diners at closing time. Unfortunately, more pounds packed on, and I don’t mean a few pounds over the years!  At 5’2” I was over 200 lbs!

"What a Difference a Day Makes", Ella Fitzgerald says.

How true this is. I was instructing an arts & crafts class at a day program for adults with autism, when I was assaulted by a student. I was beaten pretty badly, and ended up being diagnosed with post concussive syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder, tinnitus, and have damage to my left hand from my knuckles to the middle of my arm. I was given plenty of narcotics, enough narcotics to drag out the pain, and cause more damage. I'm now left with almost weekly migraines, because my brain never "healed" from the trauma. I have difficulty concentrating, so I no longer drive.  Within the past few weeks, I was also diagnosed with Lupus (possibly triggered by the accident at work).

As bad as this all may sound, it's brought me to now. Since I stopped driving, I started walking. What do you know? The weight started coming off! I put in some actual effort this January and have lost nearly 60 pounds through diet and exercise. Within those 5 months I made the transition from eating terribly, unconsciously, to eating well and being fully aware of the garbage I’ve been putting into my body all these years.

This journal will be about my personal journey to good health, eating properly, fitness, the obesity epidemic in America, illness and wellness, in general. I am constantly on the look out for ways to make my life healthier. I have 25 pounds to my goal weight, and am determined to treat my lupus without the use of drugs for as long as I possibly can. I want to be a good example for my son, so that he never has to deal with weight issues and the stress associated with them.

Even with all of this, I feel better than I EVER have.  I'm excited to share my experiences with as many people as I can, and if I can help someone make changes to their lifestyle in the process, that is an added bonus.
To Good Health!
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