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Miss Oats Health Notes

Quitting smoking and cake!

I started smoking at 12 years old, when I was in 6th grade.  A friend and I used to walk to school together.  We snuck a few cigarettes with us one morning, and my love affair with them began.  Of course I knew they were bad for me, but I truly enjoyed them.  I quit with no problem when I got pregnant with my son.  Before I had even taken a pregnancy test, they were making me physically sick.  As soon as I stopped nursing him, I started craving them again, and went right back. 

I have always told everyone about my deep undying love for my vice.  I had planned on being the last smoker, as we were slowly being eradicated by society.  Until, the lupus word came up. 

I guess it was the kick in the ass I needed to quit.  After reading as much as I could about lupus, and how it can affect your lungs, I decided then and there to stop.  I may not be able to stop whatever diseases may strike me, but I certainly don’t have to actively make them worse. 

I set a date for the following Monday and put the patch on bright and early when I awoke.  It has been a struggle at times, but for the most part, the patch has greatly helped me.  I have another 2 weeks on the “program” and then I’m officially a non-smoker. 

I bring this up, because, I was thinking about a woman who was in the dr’s office last week.  While I was waiting to be seen, she came out and started speaking with the receptionist about scheduling some bone marrow surgery she was having done.  The dr told her she COULD NOT smoke because it lessened the chances of the bone marrow being accepted.  She was screaming at the receptionist saying she wasn’t going to quit, because she didn’t want to gain weight.  (Keep in mind, she was obese already.  What difference a few pounds would make, I’m not sure.  It was simply an excuse on her part)

I wanted to yell at her.  Why is the dr, and everyone else wasting their time, if she won’t cooperate?  Gosh, if I can quit, ANYONE can!  I’ve gained 3 pounds since quitting smoking.  A small price to pay for clean lungs, I think!  So, for those of you with excuses, DROP them, and get rid of the cigarettes, your lungs will thank you!



Now, onto the good stuff.:


I can not take credit for this recipe.  I read about a similar recipe on one of my favorite websites ( and then my cousin’s new bride mentioned the ‘diet coke’ cake.  “WHAT?  What is that?”, I asked!!!  Well, I googled the recipe, and tried it.  It is, simply put, THE BEST, low calorie version of anything I’ve ever had.  Without further adieu, I give you, “the diet coke cake”


1 can diet soda

1 package cake mix (whatever type you like)


pour contents of package into a bowl.  Pour can of diet soda into bowl.  Mix.  Pour into cake pan, bake.  It’s that simple.  NO OTHER INGREDIENTS GO IN!  if you’d like to know the nutritional facts, read the box of cake mix.  If it says 170 calories for 1/8th of a cake, then it’s 170 calories for 1/8th of the cake.  Not difficult. 

I used a yellow cake mix, with diet 7up, and I made an “icing” out of fat free cool whip, and a package of fat free, sugar free chocolate pudding mix (just mix the two together).  You can however, use whatever type diet soda, and whatever type cake you’d prefer.  Chocolate cake mix, and diet coke.  Chocolate cake mix and diet dr. pepper, etc.  you are only limited by your imagination.  

Try it out!


To Good Health!

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