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s6k Arts News

WUML/WJUL under attack!!!
1] Article in the Boston Herald
2] Initial message about the dilema
3] My own message to the people responsible

1] Article in the Boston Herald

WUML's dilemma made it into today's Boston Herald:
read article

If that link doesn't work, try this one:
main Herald site

2] Initial message about the dilema

Posted to the AvantLowell list on Yahoo Groups:

To whom it may concern,

The UMass Lowell administration has recently revealed
to the student members of WUML that they plan to take
over more hours to broadcast Lowell Spinners baseball
games. That means that all evening programming during
the summer will be pre-empted for local baseball which
is so in demand that their premium stadium tickets
cost $7. The Lowell Spinners are not affiliated with
UMass Lowell and aren't even all that well known
inside of Lowell, nevermind the surrounding
communities that WUML reaches. WUML is entirely funded
by the students of UMass Lowell (or parents on behalf
of students). How does taking away at least 21 hours
of programming a week (in addition to the 25 hours a
week they took for their subpar morning news show) for
local privately owned baseball benefit the students or the community at large? How does taking away long running programs with significant dedicated listenerships benefit the University? This isn't all of it either. They intend to hire a "professional" to produce NPR style programming to be aired in the evening. Should the students of UMass Lowell be required to continue paying for the WUML budget as control is increasingly being taken from the students without the students' consent and for reasons not in their interests? Please send your comments/concerns/questions to the people that made
this possible: - Chancellor - Provost - Dean of Students - Director of Athletics

or by post if you wish:
1 University Ave.
Lowell, MA 01854

If emailing, please CC so the
administration can't deny they've heard from you.

And please pass this on to as many people as possible.

3] My own message to the people responsible

To those responsible for the preemption of WUML's broadcasts with sports
and the Sun's morning news:

As a listener of WUML/WJUL's programming for the last almost 20 years, I'm furious to hear that more student and community run programming is being pre-empted by corporate news programming and sports. In the Merrimack Valley, WUML is the only College Radio station that many towns can get. College radio is the only medium that over 95% of the music out there can be heard through and every minute that is taken up by painfully unlistenable Howard Cosel imitation and commercial news takes
away from that. As a consideration of what problems the Sun's morning news already creates, consider this:

10 major corporations now control the majority of the news and
information that we get (see )
The Lowell Sun is run by Media News Group Inc. currently running 46 newspapers located across the country (see ) and are looking to consume other independent local media. Their "corporate mission is to be the leading provider of local news, information and services in our strategically located markets" (quoted directly from ).
The FCC has allocated the bottom 1/5th of the FM radio dial for
NON-COMMERCIAL broadcast. Clearly the Lowell Sun's parent company is very much a commercial entity if their own web site gives such a clear "corporate" mission statement about our listeners being in their "strategically located markets".

I miss the morning broadcasts that student and community programming used to deliver. There are plenty of places to tune in if you care to listen to sports and plenty more for news programming run by major corporations. If you're going to broadcast news, why not an independent source of news that you can't hear elsewhere. If you're going to broadcast sports don't pre-empt the night time broadcasts. Pre-empt the Sun's completely unlistenable sports news (or better still return the
non-commercial airwaves from the hands of a commercial enterprise and back to the student run organization).

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