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Sleater Kinney calls it quits contributor:tamra spyvey

I admit there were times I was jealous of them. From the start they had (the at the time almighty in the underground) Kill Rock Stars in their corner. They received the unalloyed blessing of all riot grrrl contingents and never knew as I did what it was like to be shunned over false rumors. They got to open for Sonic Youth and they toured the world.

But once I moved on from the riot grrrl scene into peace punk and then on into uncharted waters of experimentation Sleater Kinney became a cornerstone for me. Knowing they were out there kicking ass made me feel good. They were out there in the touring trenches delivering the girl rock gospel, I could explore the twilight zone without guilt.

Corin Tucker was a big reason why I started Lucid Nation. When my friends Revolution Rising, a post riot grrrl art and zine collective, put on a show with Heavens to Betsy at Macondo in East L.A. I stood there transfixed listening to Corin sing about overcoming abuse and silence. I think that was the moment I became devoted to riot grrrl.

Now it looks like Lucid Nation is one of the last two riot grrrl bands standing (Mecca Normal is still going strong) not that we're really riot grrrl anymore, and we haven't been a traditional band in some time. But we did play seven riot grrrl conventions back in the day and we were dubbed the most popular riot grrrl band in Los Angeles in many reviews of our first CD The Stillness of Over.

It's funny because with Ken and Darren Carter from Candiria on drums and bass now I feel like I'm in one of the most powerful creative surges of my life. I've got twelve new songs ready to record, another fifteen in different stages of completion, and many more on the way. But there's no grrrls in my band, no girls, just me.

I have a dream. A reunion tour, or at least a show, with L7, Bikini Kill, Hole, Team Dresch and Sleater Kinney. Peace branches would have to be extended but what's a little forgiveness between riot grrrls?

I'll miss you, Sleater Kinney,

Sleater-Kinney calling it quits
Band announces final summer tour dates, then 'indefinite hiatus'
by Molly Gilmore

For The Olympian

Before they go on "indefinite hiatus," the riot grrls of Sleater-Kinney will play one last show in their new hometown of Portland.

The Olympia-born and Lacey-named band, which recorded for Olympia's own Kill Rock Stars for most of its 11-year career, announced Tuesday that a handful of scheduled summer shows will be the band's last - at least for the foreseeable future, although there seems little doubt that this will be goodbye.

"Eleven years is a long time," said Slim Moon, president of Kill Rock Stars. "Bands don't really have that long of a lifespan. If a successful band goes over a decade, it is notable."

A date and place haven't been announced for the Portland show. "But it's after Lollapalooza," which the band will play Aug. 4 in Chicago, said Audrey Faine, marketing director of Kill Rock Stars. "They do plan one last hometown show."

Of course, a real hometown show would have to take place in Olympia, where the band was formed in 1994 while lead singer Corin Tucker and guitarist Carrie Brownstein were students at The Evergreen State College. Drummer Janet Weiss joined three years later.

Brownstein, the last member to leave Olympia, moved in December 2001, and the band left Kill Rock Stars in 2004 for Seattle's Sub Pop, which released what's likely its last album, "The Woods," in 2005.

The news came as a surprise to the people at Kill Rock Stars. No one at Sub Pop could be reached for comment Tuesday evening.

"I've had too much heartbreak with bands that I've worked with," Moon said. "I no longer expect them to last.

"Rock and roll is considered sort of a juvenile profession," he added. "The older you get and as you start having kids, there's a lot of cultural and social pressure to do something more grown up."

Along with the Courtney Love-helmed band Hole, Sleater-Kinney was one of the most successful groups of the Olympia-centered "riot grrrl" movement of all-girl punk rock bands. In 2001, Time magazine named the trio America's best rock band.

Future projects for the band are unknown; drummer Weiss is the only member with a known side project - Portland-based indie pop band Quasi.

Moon said, though, that he doubts we've seen the last of the women of Sleater-Kinney.

"All three women in that band are incredibly talented and smart and capable," he said, "and I expect all three of them to do great things in the future."

Full text of the statement

After eleven years as a band, Sleater-Kinney have decided to go on indefinite hiatus. The upcoming summer shows will be our last. As of now, there are no plans for future tours or recordings. We feel lucky to have had the support of many wonderful people over the years. We want to thank everyone who has worked with us, written kind words about us, performed with us, and inspired us.

But mostly we want to extend our gratitude to our amazing fans. You have been a part of our story from the beginning. We could not have made our music without your enthusiasm, passion, and loyalty. It is you who have made the entire journey worthwhile.

With love and thanks,
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