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s6k Arts News

The death of another all ages club. Can you help? contributor: Tamra Spivey
 Last night I got this message from a girl musician:

"Hey, I'm from Bremerton, Washington [about an hour away from seattle] and I drum for The Extinct. We used to have a number of venues to play at locally; The Burrito Connection, Rush's, The Tiki House.. The burrito connection isn't having shows for a while because they lose money, Rush's closed down, and the city closed the Tiki House.

"So, we made our own venue downtown. Sperry's [our guitarist] parents bought a big place on 4th street and made it into an art gallery/coffee shop/music venue. We got loads of scraps together to build the stage by ourselves - the only things we had to buy were screws and the sheets to go on top. We've had about 3 shows there with no problems.

"Today Sperry's dad got his business liscense taken away on claims that someone called complaining about a flyer that had "Fahk Yeah" on it, a band's name. Is this not the biggest pile of bullshit ever?

"We're left with tons of wasted energy, effort, money, and passion that was put into something they're trying to shut down for illegitimate reasons. I have no idea where to start, and I probably sound just like every other advice message you get.. but seriously, where the hell do we start?"

And here is the message from a blog on the venue's profile:

"SHUT DOWN......

"Thats the word i just got. The City of Bremerton just came into the Gallery and took away Patrick's business liscense. They said that someone called in and complained about the flyer for the 19th, they said the complaint is because of the band names on the flyer (Legends on Heroin, and Fuhk Yeah) They took his liscense for the espresso and art gallery away....completely shut down his business. Michael Craze is the man behind all of this; i belive he is Bremertons buidling inspector. From day one he has not wanted ANY live music downtown, and made it very clear he would do whatever it took to keep us from playing shows. I want to have a meeting with the bands around town very soon and figure out what we can do. This is fucked up and i don't plan on laying down like a bitch and taking it from them. WE MUST FIGHT BACK. I'll be calling everyone soon. Sorry people."

My first suggestion was they appeal the decision. I also thought they should contact writers for The Stranger and the Seattle Weekly. This morning it occured to me that they should go over this guy's head, maybe to a council person. If only Newtopia Magazine was still around I'd write a feature article on censorship built around this.

So what do you all think? Any ideas?
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