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Latino Corner

Salsa All-Stars Send Off.... Farewell to Gonzalez Y Gonzalez
An end of an Era is upon us...........
My Home away from Home Gonzalez & Gonzalez known to the friendly's as G & G is coming to an end.....Aside from Los Jovenes Del Barrio, (an incredible Charanga Band) Willie Villegas Y Entre Amigos has been the band that has played there the longest..14 years to be exact.....We hold that record and are truly proud to have been a favorite at this one of a kind venue.
I've seen many faces come and go, I've seen waiters bust their hump to become Managers and I've seen G & G and staff grow as one working unit....
The lovely Ana, who immediately took a liking to our band recommended by Marc Campbell & hired us on the spot.....Thank You for being so sweet........
To Sounni(GM), the brainchild behind operations at G & G, you can always count on me for anything......
Drey, I remember the 1st day you worked the night shift it was the night we were playing and Sounni introduced us and said Willie you will be dealing with Drey tonight so help out and show him the ropes...Sorry about busting your chops that night...but it was worth gained my respect and admiration and took the bull by its horn....I symbolically take my hat off to you....
Juan my brother from another mother, you were the one I dealt with the most....You are a Gentleman & a Scholar and your integrity is truly honorable......Thanks for treating us like family...
All Managers mentioned above are all an intricate & crucial part of the way G & G operated and all gave their personal touch to make it a gem in the heart of Downtown Manhattan or NOHO for the real villagers....I personally thank you for the long lasting relationship ....
Wow what a ball we had turning that place inside out and the countless nights we closed the doors after throwing everybody out so we can party ourselves.....great memories and alot of drinking YEAH!! Hennessy & Heinekens what a combo...H & H @ G & G...
Big praises to the kitchen staff, Waiters, Waitresses, the behind the scene crew that works below and kept the club running internally, all the bartenders but especially Joe my favorite bartender and a true Rock Star will be truly missed thanks for always keeping the glass filled.....Last but not least to Ark Thank you for making us your #1 are a true innovator and one of a kind club/restaurant owner.
All good things come to an end but the memory lives on.....Thanks For The Memories...
Everyone, closing night Monday Jan 31st is going to be an awesome night and a FAREWELL TO GONZALEZ Y GONZALEZ NIGHT.....Join me and my colleagues All NY based and well respected Salsa bands as we share one stage and one love for a club that has been good to us and you the patrons who always had a Thursday, Friday & Saturday place to go and see a live band for no admission.....tell me where you will ever see that again.....Hope to see you all below
Willie Villegas
7:45 - 8:45pm * GRUPO LATIN VIBE
9:30 - 10:30pm * ZON DEL BARRIO
...OUR FINAL NIGHT EVER!!! Gonzalez y Gonzalez presents 4 our best Salsa bands; featuring Willie Villegas y Entre Amigos, Zon del Barrio, Grupo Latin Vibe and Hector Montalvo y Salsa Major. THIS IS IT! Your last chance to experience NYC's legendary Mexican restaurant, bar & salsa club. The FIRST and LAST time that Gonzalez will put four of NYC's hottest Salsa bands on one stage.
21+ to enter; No dress code
Happy Hour at the Bar 12-7pm
Kitchen stays open until 12am serving Mexican cuisine
For more information or to make dinner reservations:
- call us at 212.473.8787
- email us
- visit our website at
About the Bands
Willie Villegas Y Entre Amigos are the primary source for the classic salsero who's looking for a "Blast from the Past" sound that was popular in the decades of the 60's, 70's & early 80's.
Welcome to the Barrio Zone, where old school dance music gets new school flava. Aurora & Zon del Barrio expresses the music that comes from these Barrios, from the street, from the heart, soul and struggle of people of color. Classic salsa, bomba, plena, merengue, boogalu and Latin jazz. An intergenerational band, check out our "monstritos" on percussion and get a whiff of our "panty power" with our strong Latina presence. Original & Classic tunes w/ a twist! Watch for us at Lincoln Center's Midsummer Night Swing: July 2, 2011.
Grupo Latin Vibe is a Salsa/Latin Jazz band that brings a high powered energy filled show to the band stand, they have been featured in several night clubs in the metropolitan area
Since August of 2002, this finely tuned Orchestra has been on an energetic roll. Beginning with our very first contract performance at a local Church, we have been pleasing audiences with our full band sound in some of NYC's well known venues and establishments.
B, D, F, M trains to Broadway/Lafayette
N, R trains to Prince Street
6 train to Bleecker Street
Discount parking @ Washington Square Village Garage
between 3rd Street and Bleecker Street (212.253.9061)
We will validate your ticket ($10 for 4 hours)
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for event updates, special offers and more




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