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RU News

Drunk Cops in Jersey City, NJ

In this s6k:I exclusive, we have been provided with video that is official police misconduct. It has been the source of much conflict, as a few have said it's "old news." For us, the key fact is the events happened without the public ever being properly informed, which is the official policy set by the New Jersey Attorney General's Office. ["...civil service rules consider much of the discipline process to be confidential..." from a statement provided by Jersey City Internal Affairs Unit] In a democratic society, without proper oversight AND an informed public, the facts often become blurred into opinion or disappear all together. We have re-edited this video to represent the new information we've discovered in our investigation.

The person who filmed the "drunk cops" video, Lee Perry, has come forward to have a conversation with s6k:I.

Join the conversation about this video on Jersey City List

Check us out on commercial television! We were the feature story, with promos running all day, on CW11 News, New York.

- Some background
The original video was given to us in the hope that we would utilize our news service to get it to the right people. It was titled "Drunk Cops in Jersey City, NJ." It features drunk uniformed officers and supervisors WITH GUNS, drinking, urinating and littering in public, with some being on duty.

At a time when we are asked, if we "See Something Say Something," we could hardly ignore this situation. We believe the police should be held to a higher standard than the general population that; doesn't have guns, can't arrest anyone, has no state authority, and isn't sworn to uphold the laws of the state.



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