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Racism in Hospitals

Unfortunately, the problems with racism in U.S. hospitals, as a patient or staff, is quite documented. We can't [and shouldn't] turn a blind eye because we may feel "...that's someone else's problem." The hospital treatment we receive shouldn't be based on the biases of its staff.

Featured here is an interview with a person who works in a New Jersey hospital. Her name and the location can not be revealed due to the fear of reprisal. We will release more information when the time is appropriate and the risk to her is minimized.

U   P   D   A   T   E   S
We've recently attempted to contact all of the New Jersey branches of the N.A.A.C.P that are listed on their national website. After multiple calls and emails; no answers, no call-backs, no emails. We know the organization has had structural problems which has impaired the possibilities for growth. But there has to be somewhere to call when someone needs help. We are continuing to document this specific stay tuned.



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