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s6k Arts News

chashama presents: TAX-FREE ART SHOW Aug 15 to Aug 27, 2008

chashama presents
Aug 15 to Aug 27, 2008
       now exhibiting at
 chashama ABC 169 Ave. C
     & Teneleven Tavern 171 Ave. C
  Alphabet City, New York City

Now thru – August 27, 2008
- chashama ABC Gallery
169 Avenue C
Tuesday-Sunday 1-6pm

- Teneleven
171 Avenue C
Monday-Sunday 2pm-4am

Tax-Free Art is presented by chashama and Teneleven Tavern. Highlighting artists from chashama and Teneleven, we're bringing you art, music and performances for a "Loisaida" summer celebration. Alphabet City is an East Village community rich in culture and art that is part of what has made the Village the destination for artists from around the world. Come down...and don't forget to bring your tax check. LOL!

presenters website
exhibit info line 212.391.8151 ext. 24

featuring: pat arnao, rebecca agostine, olive ayhens, john chandler, katherine daniels, diane davis, elaine defibaugh, el celso, ian h. farrell, the human floor, ryan frank, abby goodman, leslie frank hampton, fred hatt, darryl hell, miranda hellman, katurah hutcheson, lisa ingram, KMBSm, jose landoni, numyi lee, adela leibowitz, danny licul, snazz mammoth, jasmine murrell, linda nicholas, caleb nussear, kate o'donovan-cook, sang bin park, tara parsons, sarah friends and victoria privates, dean radinovsky, tim roda, katy SanDominico, sandra spannan, jennifer steele, kristin taylor, inga huld, tryggvadottir, marina tsesarskaya, sarah valeri, james a. willis

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly. -- Buckminster Fuller

more about the TAX-FREE performances
featured at Teneleven Tavern

- Saturday, Aug 16th  9pm is "The Return of Rococo-a Baroque Bash"
With nouveau-baroque music and live art by:
    Snazz Mammoth
Live painting-
    Sarah Valeri   (her art is also in our backroom)
Feats of human strength-
    The Human Floor
    Juggling- Katy SanDominico
    Fortune Telling- Rebecca Agostine
    Burlesque- Sarah Friends and Victoria Privates

- Sunday, Aug 17th  The Bloddy Mary Bar gets started at 2pm to 7pm With more than 50 choices including infused vodkas.
At 10pm is "Sexy Bitch"
Friendly Lesbians, Go Go Dancers, shot girls, and a rockin' DJ

Everybody is welcomed

- Friday, Aug 22nd  5pm to 6pm  chashama presents
Fred Hatt: body painting living canvas Lillian Wright
* discount drinks 2pm to 9pm
* absolutely free admission
[note] please be advised that there will be non-sexual nudity



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