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VFP 34 News

New Bylaws
The below Bylaws will be presented at the next chapter meeting Thursday Sept. 4th at the Community Church annex 28 E 35th Street at 6:30 pm.
Any change(s) you would like to make to the Bylaws must be in writing and will be considered for approval by the Executive Committee.

New York City Chapter 034 Bylaws
Revised: June 26, 2008


The name of Chapter 034 chartered by national Veterans For Peace, Inc., St. Louis, MO, shall be New York City Chapter 034, also known as the Murray Kaufmann/Mike Pahios Chapter, of Veterans For Peace.


We, having dutifully served our nation, do hereby affirm our greater responsibility to serve the cause of world peace. To this end we will work, with others

(a) Toward increasing public awareness of the costs of war

(b) To restrain our government from intervening, overtly and covertly, in the internal affairs of other nations

(c)To end the arms race and to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons

(d)To seek justice for veterans and victims of war

(e)To abolish war as an instrument of national policy.

To achieve these goals, members of Veterans For Peace pledge to use non-violent means and to maintain an organization that is both democratic and open with the understanding that all members are trusted to act in the best interests of the group for the larger purpose of world peace.

We urge all people who share this vision to join us.


Section 1. Full Membership

Full Members of VFP shall be veterans of the Armed Forces of the U. S., or veterans of the Armed Forces of foreign nations who reside in the U. S. They may also be Merchant Marines or other U.S. Citizens who have served in a professional capacity with or in service to the Armed Forces of the U.S. in an area and during a period of war, conflict or other hostile activity. Full Members must subscribe to the purpose, goals and ideals of VFP and pay national dues. Eligibility for Full Membership shall be determined by additional rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Associate Membership

Associate Members of VFP shall be members who are not veterans, but who subscribe to the purpose, goals and ideals of VFP and pay national dues. Eligibility for Associate membership shall be determined by additional rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors.

Section 3. Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership may be conferred on the recommendation, in writing, of at least two Full Members, the approval of a majority vote of the Board of Directors, and a majority vote of Full Members attending the National Convention. Honorary Membership shall carry none of the obligations of the organization, but shall entitle the holder to all the privileges except those of holding office. Honorary Members must subscribe to the purpose, goals and ideals of VFP. Eligibility for Honorary Membership shall be determined by additional rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors.

Section 4. Membership may not be denied because of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or any other discriminatory practice.

Section 5. The Board of Directors has the authority to restrict or expel from membership a person when, in their judgment, admission would be inconsistent with the purposes, principles, objectives or goals and ideals of VFP. The Board of Directors shall state their reasons for any action under this Section to the Annual Convention. Any action under this section may be appealed to the national Convention.

Section 6. The Board of Directors shall establish and publish criteria for misconduct and establish procedures for investigating and hearing claims of misconduct.

Section 7. The Executive Committee may propose that the chapter shall establish dues.

Section 8..  Rights and Responsibilities of New York City VFP Members
    a. No VFP member residing in the metropolitan New York City area shall be excluded from participation in the activities of the Chapter.
    b. VFP members residing in the metropolitan New York City area are not required to participate in chapter meetings or activities.

    c. Any member of the metropolitan New York City area VFP may act independently of the chapter to initiate or participate in educational programs, events, or demonstrations as long as the member does not represent VFP or Chapter 34 without express permission of the Executive Committee. 


Section 1. Nomination of Officers
Nomination of officers shall be made at the January membership meeting.
A Full member may nominate oneself or another. A second will be
required. If another member is nominated, the nominee must accept the
nomination. If the nominee was absent at the meeting, the nominee
must communicate his/her decision to the President or Secretary
within one week of the meeting. If possible, the nomination should
promote the diversity of the Board, considering the geographic or
racial backgrounds.

Section 2. Election of Officers
At the February Annual membership meeting, Full members attending the
meeting shall elect the new officers by a secret ballot. The nominees
receiving the majority vote shall be elected. The President shall
designate two or three members, who are not nominees, to count
the ballots. The voting shall take place even if there is only one
candidate. Each candidate shall be given three minutes to speak before
the voting.

Section 3.Only Full members listed in the Chapter roster who are in good standing as evidenced by a current VFP membership card, may vote for Chapter Officers, or run for an office. An exception can be made for a member who does not have a current membership card, but can show that he/she is a veteran and payment of dues is up to date.

Section 4. The officers of VFP New York City Chapter 034 currently include a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section 5.  These officers shall be and remain currently paid-up members of VFP as a condition for service in their respective positions during their terms of office.

Section 6.  A vacancy shall be deemed to exist in the case of death, resignation, or inability to serve in any of the offices of VFP New York City Chapter 034.  In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of the President, the Vice-President shall assume the office. In the event a vacancy occurs in the other offices, a special election shall be held to elect successors to fill the unexpired terms.

Section 7.  No salary or other compensation is available for any officer or other member of the chapter.

Section 8.  The President shall be the chief executive officer of VFP New York City Chapter 034 and its policy leader. The President shall:

    a. Preside over all meetings of VFP New York City Chapter 034 to ensure that chapter meetings of VFP New York City Chapter 034 are conducted in an open democratic fashion and in accord with the spirit and purpose of VFP.
    b. Be familiar with both national and chapter VFP bylaws and ensure that chapter policies and activities are in accord with VFP bylaws.
    c. Encourage Chapter members to build and maintain relations between the VFP New York City Chapter 034 and the local peace & justice community.

Section 9.  The Vice-President shall:
     a. Serve as assistant to the President in all duties of the President.

     b. Assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President.

Section 10.  The Treasurer shall: 
     a. Be responsible for oversight of the VFP New York City Chapter 034 Treasury, ensuring there is documentation of all funds received, used, and dispensed.
     b. Provide financial reports at chapter meetings.

 Section 11.  The Secretary shall:
    a. Document the activities of the chapter.
    b. Keep a careful and accurate record of the proceedings of chapter meetings.

    c. Obtain up-to-date rosters from VFP National of the membership of both the VFP New York City Chapter 034 and New York State and make these rosters available to the other officers.

    d. Be responsible for the distribution of meeting minutes.



Section 1. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern VFP in Convention, at any meeting, chapter meeting or committee meeting in which they are not inconsistent with these By-Laws.

Section 2. Meeting Schedule
Chapter Meetings shall be held at least quarterly with the place and time as the Executive Committee shall designate.

Section 3.  Meeting Location                                                                   
Meetings shall take place at a location to be determined by the Executive Committee.  

Section 4. Notice of Meetings                                                                      
Notice of all meetings shall be posted electronically, and by mail, if possible.

Section 5. Additions to Agenda
At the beginning of a meeting, any member may propose an item to be added to the agenda. If the item is seconded, it requires approval by a majority of chapter members in attendance. This provision applies to all meetings of Chapter 34, general or executive.



Section 1..  The Executive Committee shall be comprised of Chapter Officers, full and associate active members of the VFP New York City Chapter.  Selectionof members of the Executive Committee will take place by simple majority of the Committee.

Section 2. Quorum - a majority of the Executive Committee members shall be present to constitute a quorum.

Section 3. The Executive Committee shall prepare the agendas for chapter meetings based on knowledge of current chapter concerns and planned events, as well as input from other members. Decisions are made through majority vote of participating Executive Committee members.

Section 4. The Officers and the Executive Committee may transact business in between meetingsby telephone or electronic means as long as their decisions are presented to the membership at the next Chapter meeting.


Working Committees may be formed by active chapter members as needed.


The By-Laws may be amended, changed or deleted at any time by a quorum of the Executive Committee, provided there is proper notification of the membership, and approval by the members present at the next Chapter Meeting.


Frank Stearns
Vice President
P.O. BOX 8150, JAF STATION New York, NY 10106-8150
Voice Mail (212)726-0557 Email:


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