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Run for Revolution Marathon Report
Hello to everyone,


I wanted to report back to everyone I asked to pledge for the Run for Revolution.  I finished the entire 26.2 miles!  It was the slowest marathon I've run but I think the most fun.  I had a shoulder muscle injury and was in some pain but was able to handle it well enough so I could enjoy the run.  It took me 4 hours, 41 minutes and 8 seconds but overall I was happy with that time given my lack of training and injury.


The weather was cool so good for running.  The thing that stood out to me on my first NYC marathon was the amazing turnout of hundreds of thousands of people along almost the entire route through all five NYC boroughs.  It was like a 26 mile street party.  There must have been at least 35 bands along the way.  Some streets were packed 5-10 people deep along the sidewalk and in some places spilled into the street creating only a narrow space for the runners with the spectators reaching out to give us high fives.  And they stayed for hours for all the 39,000 regular runners, not just the pros and elite runners.


The people and music changed as you went from one area to another.  All kinds of rock and roll and Mexican music through Brooklyn and Queens.  We crossed into the Bronx and there was a high school band and a rap group with many cheering, "Welcome to the Bronx."  Then we entered Harlem and again people yelling "Welcome to Harlem" with an African drummer group, a couple jazz bands and a rap group.  Then the thrill of the beautiful trees in Central Park and the finish line.


I went with a pace group aiming for 4hrs, 45 minutes.  For non-marathoners, these are groups of runners running together led by an experienced marathoner who keeps the group at an even pace to finish in the desired time.  I didn’t have to concentrate on my own pace and could concentrate on managing the shoulder pain and putting one foot in front of the other.  Our pace group leader had paced a group at the Chicago marathon three weeks earlier, did a great job but faltered at mile 23 and told us to go on without him.  There were only three of us left.   Two of us were still together on Central Park South but I found I had a little left and was able to speed up some for the last half mile to the finish line.


I’ll send some email photos when the official photographers send them.


For marathoners, you will really enjoy the experience of the NYC marathon and I urge you to do it at least once.  Do not expect to run a personal best time because you are always dodging people even in the last few miles but I guarantee you will have a great time.


In the midst of this very enjoyable run on a beautiful fall day, there was one graphic reminder of the purpose of raising money for Revolution newspaper and the need for revolution.  I must have seen 100 NYC sewer manhole covers.   You notice them when you're running in the street and trying to avoid them because they are metal and no fun to run on.  Each one of them says on it “NYC Sewer.  Made in India.”  In the New York Times several months ago, there was a front page article telling about the factory in India where the covers are made.  The photos showed emaciated-appearing men carrying, by hand, buckets of molten metal, walking barefoot and almost no clothes because of the heat.  It detailed the injuries, illnesses and deaths in the place that had almost no safety equipment and no safety regulations.  The NYC agency that contracted for the covers simply looked for the best price and found it from a company I think in Connecticut and had no idea from where they came or the conditions under which they are made.


This is a good example of the lopsided relations in the world and how people in this country are at the top of a worldwide “food chain” and a standard of living that depends on hundreds of millions of people around the world living and working in conditions like those Indians making the manhole covers.  


I want to thank everyone who pledged.  Each donation is greatly appreciated and will contribute to Revolution newspaper playing even more of the role needed.  I want to remind everyone to send the contributions in.  The checks can be written to “RCP Publications” and mailed directly to RCP Publications, Box 3486, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL 60654-0486.  Please put on the check or a note that it is for the Run for Revolution at the NYC marathon and send me a note that you did that.  Or it would be easier for me to keep track of all the donations if you send the checks to me and I will send them to RCP Publications.  The checks can be written to RCP Publications or to me if you prefer and I’ll write a check to RCP Publications.


For those who did not contact me to pledge, you still can!


Read Revolution newspaper online at or get a subscription sent to you.  Monthly sustainers are greatly welcomed.  And correspond with me or the paper directly about what you think of the articles and anything else.


I greatly enjoyed the experience of running the marathon to raise money for Revolution newspaper.  Your support really did keep me going and I look forward to corresponding further.


My best,



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