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s6k Arts News

Correcting a Live Journal conversation about Darryl Hell promoting Blood Axis
It's come to my attention that there's a conversation on Live Journal about me. It claimed that I was a promoter of a Blood Axis show produced by Jane from Tesco. It also insinuated that I supported the show's performers and had worked with them.

Firstly, I never worked with any of those bands. I only first heard the name Blood Axis from Jane when she told me the line-up. I agreed solely because she and I are friends, not because I supported the bands. We also planned to screen a trailer of the upcoming Douglas P. documentary.

I did work with Douglas P. from Death In June on a live DVD and am currently producing a documentary DVD about him. He has never said anything bigoted or whatever to me. He's only been very professional and friendly. So I would say if he is a fascist, which I've found to commonly have a racist component, he's a really bad one. But I only know of him through specific circumstances, so I'm sure others may have more information about him than myself.

The documentary, "Behind the Mask," is about his life, family and art. I've now interviewed him for over three and a half hours and he's not said anything similar to the things I've read from M. Moynihan. Certainly nothing that made my spider senses go off.

As for Blood Axis. My spider senses went off when my co-producer informed me that he tried to send out a post about the show and someone refused to forward it. Then I started doing homework on who Blood Axis is. Michael Moynihan of Blood Axis was found by the Southern Poverty Law Center to have ties to "Far Right" and American Nazi groups.

I researched some of his writings and interviews; and found him to be a very well-researched/read modern eugenicist. A good source to start your research about eugenics, past and present, would be Edwin Black's, "War Against the Weak." The writings and statements I've found of M. Moynihan sound very much like those of the eugenics movement, past and present. As a Black person and a human, I am not a supporter of ANYONE who proclaims to believe in or be motivated by eugenic OR Darwinist ideologies. I'm sure M. Moynihan might very well find my assessment of him to be incorrect, but that's what I get from his writings and interviews.

So why did I decide to do the show and not back out AFTER finding out who Blood Axis is? Simple. I'm not about to be intimidated by ANYONE. Everyone [well, not REALLY everyone] knows what I spin and specifically Jane certainly knows what I do and who I am as a person. I'd spin a Klan rally if I were invited, not drawing a comparison, and I would scratch Malcolm X and Noam Chomsky cut-up speeches with Public Enemy all night. ;)-

All begs the question, why I would be asked to spin an event such as this if the group[s] are correct in getting the show shut down. By the sound of the Live Journal post, it would seem as if I were being used as an "anti-racist" shield or something. Though I don't like being dragged into such situations...I have no problem setting the record straight.

I have read that the neo-folk and black/dark metal genres are alleged to be the home for a rising number of Nazi, fascist, White supremacist groups and supporters. When I was born, in 1964, church burnings, cross burnings, racist murders and attacks, and blatant job and housing discrimination was the common practice of America. I have absolutely no doubt that the followers of those elements of America are still alive and are thriving. Unfortunately, they aren't as free saying, "niggers are scum," or "spics are like cockroaches," or "faggots deserve to die," or whatever, so they are much harder to spot. I liked the days when you could spot people a mile away. Now the practice of doublespeak is a high art.

Please feel free to offer your ideas on the matter.
Stay Hard*Stay Real*Stay Involved
Darryl Hell founder of sektor 6 kommunikations /

p.s. & BTW - The origin of the racial insult "cracker" is a little known story, so I'm going to tell you. (I figured since nigger was so damn popular [sarcasm], it only makes sense to have the whole story.)
It comes from american slavery punishment. When a "slave master" or someone wanted to have someone formally punished, they would call for the "cracker." That was the person who would do the whipping.

That is why I NEVER use that word...or any other ethnic slur. I prefer informational specificity to ethnic generalities.
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