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s6k Arts News

The DVD, Theatrical Release and U.S. Tour of "How Do I Look" is Coming
The long awaited How Do I Look theater release is scheduled for Thanksgiving and the DVD will be for sale for the Christmas season of 2005. Several job and many volunteer opportunities are available to the community at large, to help us to make the OPENINGS smooth and successful.

The independent release of the How Do I Look artistic empowerment and HIV/AIDS awareness community project is an ongoing process and it is important to keep you informed through this forum and to have open discussions.

How Do I Look is providing many artistic and professional opportunities to the LGBT community and they have an option to become a part of this unique and newly created arts in education program.

The goal is to create an artistic infrastructure within the LGBT community at large with many LGBT artists to follow to keep the artistic legacy alive and to nurture our culture through positive artistic educational programs. How Do I Look is empowering 100 members from the "Ball" community that have signed up for this unique project and they laid the foundation for this historical LGBT artistic infrastructure for our community. Donating proceeds from How Do I Look to the LGBT community center in New York City, guarantees us ongoing development and artistic community building and programs.

My research to release How Do I Look as an independent documentary, suggested a 5 city nationwide grand opening. Members from the cast and the director will stay in each city for 3 days, making ourselves available to the community for interviews, networking and appearances.

The cities are:

New York

Los Angeles,




I am looking for a point person and volunteers in each city, to build a local network. The point person position will be a paying position. That person needs to be able to organize a screening with lecture, interviews, lodging, community outreach & organizing, media relations, live performances, mini ball and promotion.

It requires communication skills to create partner-ships with local LGBT institutions such as LGBT community centers, AIDS organizations, Black Pride organizations, Gay Pride organizations, youth organizations, LGBT organizations on campuses, transgender organizations, local club promoters and DJ’s. I have a detailed outline and questionnaire for this task and it is easy to follow, even for somebody with little experience.

Following the 5 grand openings will be a national tour in 2006 with the same concept. If you would like to be a point person or a volunteer in your city for the 2006 national tour please contact Wolfgang as soon as possible.

If you are interested in any of those positions or if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Artistically and respectfully yours,

Wolfgang Busch

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