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Darryl Hell

"Welcome to Your New Normal" [Issue 1]
Show Title:
"Welcome to your New Normal"

ROOM 101: DJ Darryl Hell

Dead Kennedys "Bleed for me"
nuMPad "Soultrap"
Public Enemy "Burn Hollywood Burn"
Computer Truck "Robocop (Police System Error)"
Next Life "The Meat Office"
Computer Refrigerator Jesus "KONG"
Raw Stiles "EMFH"
Public Image Limited "Banging the Door"
Descendants "I'm the One"
Cyanotic "Order out of Chaos"


Interview with Martin Atkins [pt. 1]
[legendary Public Image Limited/Killing Joke drummer]
FYI - If you haven't seen any P.I.L. Watch this classic video

The interview was done in 2007 at Martin's gallery exhibition, which was a retrospective of his life as an artist and the many people and places he's experienced.

When Darryl Hell did this interview, he had the most odd experience. The gallery was small, no ventilation and the lights for filming the interview were only adding heat to the situation. About 80 mins into the interview, Hell began feeling nauseous and had to revolve between thinking through the interview and trying to make sure he didn't throw up in the gallery, with people milling about! The interview is 2 hrs and 10 mins in its entirety. Martin had many great things to say and was quite cool to give so much of his time for an interview that was originally scheduled to be approx. 90 mins.

Also, Hell has done hundreds of interviews with agenda setters such as Martin and he was the first interview that used so much profanity. In fact, he's the only one to do so. Hell launched with Atkins because of his unique insight into the music & art industry...and because it's Internet radio, no FCC laws to address. But outside of passing songs with profanity in their lyrics [fyi-no thug songs...LOL], IA RAID-io will be comfortable to play while your kids [yeh we know you have them--LOL] are in the room.



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