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s6k Arts News

Harley Flanagan and the hardcore Hall of Fame; What is punk rock and is it really dead?
Yo People check out..
This site consists of contributions from many of my Old friends and peers from the late 70's early 80's and up till the early 90's . Including such Hardcore legends as Henry rollins ,Darryl from the Bad Brains members of Agnostic front Murphy's law and many other NYC and DC east coast West coast Hardcore bands telling the stories and deflating the myths and setting the record straight on Hardcore!!!!
For those of you Who "Gotta Know"...This is Hardcore...

Hardcore is a form of undrground music that started in the late 70's early 80's that came from punk rock as that was kind of dying out, it was street it was agressive and chaotic it wasnt main stream it was almost a reaction Against it! it was underground and now many years later its still going strong this site and the show features some of the bands and people that helped start the whole thing off its kind of like a history about Hardcore music as told by those who where there,,, ya dig.. so...
Heres a sample of what some of the pioneers of Hardcore had to say.check for more

-Ian mckay ( Minor threat)
1. What is Hardcore?
my sense was that term 'hardcore' was an attempt to distinguish the
early 80's american kid's punk scene from the media's portrayal of
punk: safety-pins, vomit, and nihilism, as well as the junkie stylings
that were also fairly common at that time. the people i knew who were
involved with the music at the time definitely did not fit any of those
stereotypes, so we called ourselves 'hardcore punk', or 'hardcore' for

like any term or genre, it was up for grabs and people have different
definitions for the terms and parameters for the music, but in my mind
'hardcore' is 'punk', and 'punk' is just another word for the free
space where new ideas can be presented. the endless spring of the

HENRY ROLLINS ( Black Flag, S.O.A etc)
1. What is Hardcore?
I think at this point, it's like asking Duke Ellington, "What is Jazz?," to which he is rumored to have answered, "If you have to ask, you're never going to know." When Lightnin' Hopkins was asked what the blues are, he just started playing his guitar in way of explanation. I think that's kind of the answer to that question. It's a way of being. It's a look out the window at your neighborhood or the situation you're living in. As a music form, it's a simple, direct way to get what's inside outside. It's not a hi-tech strain of music and it's not meant to be. I think it's the shortest distance between two points, hence the usually lack of guitar solos and the singalong choruses, so everyone can be part of the song. When it's done right, it's as good as anything else that's out there.

1. What is Hardcore?
hardcore is some sped up punk rock invented by some ninjas from SE DC

Flea (Fear, RHCP)
1. What is Hardcore?
Hardcore is pouring every ounce of pain and joy you have into your music, come what may, and rocking the fuck out.. It is making your own sound your own way. It is digging as deep as you can into the jams and never looking back.

1. What is Hardcore?
Cheap sex... cheap beer...fistfights... staying up all night...blood on my shoes...where did I get that bruise?... music that makes my dick hard.

ROGER MIRET ( Agnostic Front)
1. What is Hardcore? Hardcore is a way of life. It's not something you read about on a flyer, it's a movement. You just can't listen to Hardcore, get some tattoos and sign up. No, it is a deep feeling of pride and something special to belong to, to embrace, to be sworn into that truce of dedication. Hardcore was the result of most of the older Punk bands going New Wave and leaving that aggression empty. That release of anger and tension, the justifiable violence that followed. Hardcore is pure adrenaline musically and lyrically, it is a real glimpse at society with no filters, no rules, and no fillers.

Jerry Only, (Misfits)
1. What is Hardcore?
I feel that Hardcore is a very urban, aggressive style of music. Hardcore is just that...hard.

Spits Stix(FEAR)
1. What is Hard-core?
Hard-core is the fastest, meanest, most non-commecial, and hardest to play music in history.

1.What is Hardcore
Hardcore is thinking for yourself. Don't get sucked into mainstream media bullshit. Open your mind

MILO AUKERMAN. (Descendents)
1. What is Hardcore?
Loud and Fast. Other than that, no rules. No one telling me how to live my life.

TESCO VEE ( Meat men)
1) What is Hardcore?
What WAS Hardcore is more like it, HC was just another label for Punk which in its infancy was relevant, exciting, and raw..You can't say it no longer exists, for to call the current crop copycats would be a disservice 'cuz we were all aping other bands even back in the day..there hasn't been an original note in muzak since 1984...

1. What is Hardcore?
Hardcore, the music, is music played loud and fast, as possible with a lot of passion. It was a step away from the long dirge metal songs of the 70's, but also taking punk a step further.

Sab Grey ( Iron Cross)
1. What is Hardcore?
Hardcore started when a bunch of pissed off kids got together and started playing cause there wasnt anything to do. A bunch of snooty art dorks kept telling us that punk was over. But we just said fuck you. Its still the same.

Barry Henssler (Necros)
1. What is Hardcore?
HC is a combination of purity of spirit and directness of approach.

Dave Smalley, DYS
1. What is Hardcore?
To me, hardcore is the brutal and aggressive side of an already brutal
and aggressive music. So many of the early great punk rock bands were
English -- bands like The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Generation X, The
Damned, The Jam, and many more, made punk rock with power, and melody
mixed with social or personal perspective -- the music rocked, and you
could sing the songs for weeks after you heard them. And they meant
something personal to you, more than most mainstream rock of the day.
Americans came along and made punk faster, more aggressive, and sort of
took it to a darker, harder, more elemental level. That became known as

"What is Hardcore?
Hardcore is an attitude. A way of thinking. Its living your life full throttle. All gas, no brakes. Your work, your music, your family obligations, your friends, your rules, the gym, the quest for truth, power, sex, money, respectThe only problem is that its hard to live that full on for any length of time. Hardcore music lived in that little window after punk got soft and before metal got fast. It had a beginning and an end. Which was good. As almost no one, no one, can keep the pace long-term. You burn out, OD, or get weak, or get greedy or get soft or get married or get a day job. This is not to dismiss whats going on out there today under the label Hardcore. But its different. Its Beatlemania, not the Beatles. Its C2, not Coke Classic. Its an honor to still see people chasing what you started, but its also a little like seeing a hippie waving a protest sign. The intent is there, but the context is lost. It means less 20 years later. I was hoping that something new would step in and take its role. Hip-Hop looked like it would for a while, but thats now 20 years old too.

JIMMY GESTAPO ( Murphy's law)
What is hardcore?
Hardcore to me is the realities of day to day life expressed in music.

TONY REFLEX ( Adolesence )
1. What is Hardcore?
One night my stepfather was beating my mother unconscious. I was about ten years old. I ran into the room and jumped on his back hitting and yelling, "Leave my mom alone." He knocked me down like a fly, took the rifle that he was going to shoot her with, hit me in the head with it and then pointed at me. For a few seconds I was the Viet Kong. That was hardcore.

KEVIN SECONDS. ( 7-seconds)
1. What is Hardcore?
To me hardcore means and always has meant intelligent, heartfelt, thought-provoking music mixed with aggression, attitude and humor. Tons of heart, sweat and soul.

JOHN STABB ( Goverment Issue)
1. What is Hardcore?
The word "hardcore" is quite an overused one. People have used it to describe: porn, metal, or punk. My first introduction to it was in looking at "porn" pictures. And then came listening to "punk" music. The hardcore punk that I first recall originated from the California punk scene in the early eighties. Then other cities such as Washington, DC and NYC adopted it. That to me was the "real" deal!

Mike Patton (Middle Class)
1. What is Hardcore?
Hardcore is punk rock undiluted

1. What is Hardcore?
Punk rock taken to the extreme.

Djingie Brown , (Absolution)
1.What is Hardcore?
A: Hardcore to me is a feeling that exist inside of people that drives them to do extreme things. In our case I think the feeling of Hardcore was just that,
An extreme energy that found a conduit through musical,physical and individual expression.

Danny Diablo a.k.a Lord Ezec. (Skarhead, Ice pick, etc)
1)what is Hardcore?
1. Hardcore music is the cousin of Punk rock and Metal. The Metal
guitar player made it Hardcore.
Hardcore for me also is a lifestyle. Not a fad. The hardcore mentality
is what most of us in the scene have, it is also the biggest reason why
most of us are broke. Fuck it!!!

Tommy rat (Warzone, Trip 6 etc..)
1. What is Hardcore?
To me hardcore is not just a music but a lifestyle, everybody forgets or never realized hardcore is an offshoot of the punk scene. To me it was "escape" away from the trappings that everyday life was surrounding me, it was my release and it still is to some degree. It was real, it was underground.

Craig Ahead ( Sick Of It All )
1. What is Hardcore?
Hardcore is freedom, true music for real people,no fantasy, ego driven bullshit. Its a certain mentality that develops from how you handle lifes experiences.

Jimmy Crucfix ( Crucifix )
1. What is Hardcore? I have No Idea! I am just a musician and never
thought about it. I've always just played music of all types and never
questioned what I was doing when I was doing it? I thought I was just
having fun and expressing my feelings through my guitar playing and

Harley Flanagan (Stimulators,M.O.I, Murphy's Law,Cro-Mags, Harley's War "Hardcore All stars")
1. What is Hardcore???
Hardcore is All the people up on this site !!! And many many others like them that are not up here ha ha ha and many more that will be added and many that cant be reached or found yet,, but in My words and memories,...Hardcore music came from Punk Rock which back then in the 70's was as crazy and rebellious and raw as possible it was nasty dirty, it was street, You didnt have to be some amazing musician to play it it wasnt commercial, it wasnt tame. It was a reaction to the bullshit all the 70s mega-rock star bullshit big stage shows and ecces, all the flash and disco crap and all the hippy-dippy peace-and-love bullshit it was angry it was rocknroll with an attitude for us it was like like hip hop was in the 80's to urban ghetto kids, it spoke for us,

Punk and then Hardcore, was a reaction to what was going on in the was kinda like Fuck you music in a chaotic world of seemed to evolve out of the ashes of the old punk almost simultaniously all accross the country almost at once

To me, old-school Bad Brains encapsulate Hardcore Punk. And, bands like Minor Threat, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Those type of bands as well as many others and all the kids that kept the spirit of Punk rock going and took it to another place, that was Hardcore.
Places we lived, crazy ass squats like C-squat and the Vats, clubs like A-7 and the Tool And Die, and many others .it was a whole experience it wasnt just any one thing. Back then you really lived it, it was a life style.Yeah, Hardcore is more then music, it's so many things and experiences.

its when you and your friends where tearing shit up in some dirty little basement club in front of a band playing with no PA, no monitors, shitty gear, no money, et cetera, but everyones having a great time your having so much fun your hurting yourself and you dont care, your breaking bones knocking out teeth and you dont give a fuck your having the best time of your life, that feeling of jumping off a PA stack or a balcony into the pit at a big show that you just snuck into, or running past the bouncers and jumping off the stage over the police barricade and cannon balling across heads into a crowd of slamming maniacs while your favorite band is playing! thats hardcore it was taking chances taking risks.

it was always us agains the cops us against the world us against the neighborhood gangs, going into the worst areas and neighborhoods where no one would go where we wherent welcome to do our gigs cause there was no where else to go no where else to play our music, getting jumped to and from and on the way to shows fighting back and not being cowards that was Hardcore,we where "Hardcore"Me and my friends me and Jimmy and Roger and all the cats up on this site and so many others who came and went. It was a release!
As for the Hardcore lifestyle, living to the extremethats what it was for me when, as a kid, I lived on the streets and in burnt-out buildings and shit, surviving by the skin of my teeth. That was pretty fuckin Hardcore but that shit at the time just seemed like everyday life and, you know, that was my struggle.
Its something you just are, when you do your thing on your own terms and for yourself.
Hanging in the streets hanging with your crew getting in fights with the local neighborhood gangs and then getting fucked with by the cops on the way back to your squat where you and your friends and your pit bull would stay up all night partying and pass out with the sun rising that was hardcore, trying to get your dick wet with some little punk rock chick, just non stop action!
Back then Me and My crew we did tons of drugs got in tons of fights we where all really young and nut's , but that was just us,me and my crew i dont speak for everybody,that was Me and My crew. that Was New york Hardcore.
Not Boston or D.C. that was NYHC.

More people and more bands are getting added to the site anyday now!!!
I was just talking to the singer from Negative Appraoch yesterday,
( a classic HC band) he will be getting added to the hardcore site very soon!

He cracked me up, talkin about the old day's he say's to me,
"Maan , you where a little bit ahead of the rest of us man,wherent you like hanging and playing with the Clash when you where like 2 years old ha ha haha!!!"

I thought that shit was pretty funny.
But yeah N.A was a Classic Hardcore band, so many bands wouldnt have the sound they do if not for them, so many great bands like Sick Of It All and so many others owe their sound to them. they kicked ass! one of the best CB's shows I ever saw was NA at CB's back in the early 80's you never saw such a huge pile on on stage !!! u couldnt even see or find the band!!!! it was nuts! they where the shit
so keep checking the site for John B of Negative Appraoch, And other pages that are going up SOON!

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