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Shadows of the Octopus

Homeland 2004 pt. 3
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 "Winston Smith" was now on a search to find the truth on the attack on the Homeland, he was stunned to find out that the supposed mastermind of the attacks, Osama bin Laden met with a US intelligence agent two months before the attack on the Homeland. bin Laden checked into a CIA run hospital for medical treatment , while there a member of the CIA visited bin Laden and left. This was reported in the international press, but not in the US main stream media. This man was already a wanted "terrorist", this report could not possibly be true, or could it?

Winston himself saw the tape on TV, where Osama makes claims he was responsible. after the Dec. 13 revelation of a video tape showing bin Laden gloating over the attack on the Homeland, the very following day the authenticity of the tape was called into question all over the world, the man on the tape's facial features while blurred still are inconsistent with bin laden; voice experts claimed bin Laden's voice on the tape was dubbed over the original soundtrack; a German TV show called into question the White House's translation of the "confession", calling the translation not only inaccurate, but even "manipulative". Winston then compared pictures of bin Laden and noticed the cheeks and nose of this man were not consistent with bin Laden, aside from the fact that the man is too heavy to be bin Laden.

Winston was stunned would the Government of the United States put out a propaganda video against their own people and if so why?? Winston decided it was time to dig into the history of Osama bin Laden and his ties to the Central Intelligence Agency.

"Winston Smith" began to unravel the truth, Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network is what the CIA calls an "Intelligence asset". Winston found out that the Taliban's coming to power in Afghanistan in 1996 was the result of US military aid, channeled to Taliban and Al Qaeda forces through Pakistan's ISI. Backed by Pakistan's ISI, the imposition of the hard-line Taliban Islamic State largely served American geopolitical interests in the region. The hidden agenda behind US support to the Taliban was oil, because no sooner had the Taliban taken Kabul in 1996 and formed a government, than a delegation was whisked off to Houston, Texas for meetings with officials of Unocal Corporation regarding the construction of the economic and political strategic trans-Afghan pipeline.

The US agenda in the Middle East began in 1980; Jimmy Carter was directed and advised by his Trilateral and CFR handler Zbigniew Brezezinski, to create a "militant Islamic network", a black op to be handled by the CIA. The "Islamic Jihad" (Holy war directed at the Soviets) became an integral part of the CIA's intelligence ploy. It was supported by the United States and Saudi Arabia, with a significant part of the funding coming from the CIA controlled Golden Crescent drug trade. The CIA used Pakistan's ISI to play a key role in training the Mujahideen. The CIA sponsored guerilla training was integrated with Saudi Arabia's fundamentalist brand of Islam, Wahabism to create Holy warriors under the covert control of the White House. CIA support of the "Islamic Jihad"
operated indirectly through the Pakistan ISI, for these covert operations to be "Successful" , Washington Was careful not to reveal the ultimate objective of the "Jihad". Motivated by nationalism and religious fervor, the Islamic warriors were unaware that they were fighting the Soviet army on behalf of Uncle Sam. While there were contacts at at the upper levels of the intelligence hierarchy, Islamic rebel leaders in theatre had no contacts with Washington or the CIA. Both Pakistan and the United States took the line of deception on Afghanistan with a public posture of negotiating a settlement , while privately agreeing that military escalation was the best course.

Winston discovered that even after the Cold War, the Central Asian region became not only strategic for its extensive oil reserves, but also because Afghanistan alone produced 75% of the world's heroin, representing multi-billion dollar revenues to business syndicates, financial institutions, intelligence agencies and organized crime. These arrangements existed since the early days of the Republic, when the families who would become the Eastern Establishment dominated the opium smuggling business, which would eventually lead to the China opium wars. The multi-billion dollar (500 billion) revenues of narcotics are deposited in the Western banking system. Most of the large international banks-together with their affiliates in the offshore banking havens-launder large amounts of narco-dollars. The international trade in narcotics constitutes a multi-billion dollar business of the same order of magnitude as the international trade in oil, with the added advantage that this shadow economic force can be used to finance black budgets for subversive geo-political agendas. From this standpoint, geo-political control over the "drug routes" is as strategic as oil pipelines.

Despite the demise of the Soviet Union, Pakistan's extensive military-intelligence apparatus (the ISI) was not dismantled. In the post Cold war period the CIA continued to support the Islamic Jihad out of Pakistan. New undercover initiatives were set in motion in Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Balkans. The former Soviet controlled territories were set up as the emergence of six new Muslim Republics in Central Asia. Islamic missionaries of the Wahabi sect from Saudi Arabia had established themselves in the Muslim Republics, as well as within the the Russian Federation. Despite its anti-American ideology, Islamic Fundamentalism was largely serving Washington's strategic interests in the former Soviet Union. Although officially condemned by Washington, these covert ISI operations were undertaken with the approval of the US government.

The link between the ISI and the CIA are confirmed by the writings of Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR & Trilateral Commission), the "international Islamic brigade" was a creation of the CIA.

Winston finds out that US foreign policy is not geared toward curbing the tide of Islamic fundamentalism. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The significant development of "radical Islam", in the wake of the attack on the Homeland,
in the Middle East and Central Asia is consistent with Washington's hidden agenda. The latter consist of sustaining rather than combating international terrorism, with a view to destabilizing national societies and preventing the articulation of genuine social movements directed against the American empire. Washington continues to support-through CIA covert operations-the development of Islamic fundamentalism in China and India, while combating their creation in Afghanistan and Iraq.

While the "Islamic Jihad"- featured by the Bush Administration as a "threat to America"- is blamed for the attack on the Homeland, these same Islamic organizations constitute a key instrument of US military-intelligence operations not only in the Balkans and the former Soviet Union, but also in India and China. While the Mujahideen is busy being manipulated by Uncle Sam, the FBI-operating as a US based police force, is waging a domestic war against terrorism.
The "blowback" thesis is a fabrication. The CIA has never severed its ties to the "Islamic Militant Network".

Winston asks himself, if this CIA "intelligence asset" went rouge why didn't the US hold Pakistan accountable and dismantle the ISI? Why hasn't Saudi Arabia been challenged to change their Wahabi educational system, by dismantling the Umans? Instead we find that they are our partners on the "war on terrorism"? Does anybody see the madness in this? If these are our allies, then the "war on terrorism" begins to look like a geo-political black operation, a self-imposed "war on terror" to justify a imperialistic global agenda. Then that would mean that the "attack on the Homeland" was a military-intelligence ploy perpetuated against the American population! That can't be right, the US would never commit Terrorist acts against their own population, would it?? Well would it??....

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