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s6k Arts News

Douglas P. - Death in June contest -, Voidstore, Tesco
Douglas P. - Death in June
Be the first to answer either both or one of the two questions by June 30th and youll get...
- a $200 credit from the Voidstore
- a $75 credit from Tesco-Distro USA (
- 2 copies of the "Behind the Mask" trailer
- Personal memorabilia from Douglas Pearce

On to the Qs:
1) In what city did Douglas have his life changing hallucinogenic experience?
2) Which of his family members was shot down by the Nazis during World War 2 while in the British Air Corps?

Email your answer to

contest note: If there is only one correct answer given, the first one received is the one that will win.

Associates of s6k, Voidstar Productions, or Tesco-Distro USA are not eligible to win. On the other hand, they are certainly free to enter. Theyre still free...thus far.


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