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VFP 34 Minutes

VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - April 17, 2008
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - April 17, 2008

Attendees: 15(Carl Foster, Frank Stearns, Bob Carpenter, Bob Grossman, Pete Bronson,
Joe Urgo, Nelson Levitt, Hugh Bruce, Bill Gilson, Greg Posnick, John MacDougall,
Lionelle Hamanaka, Kathy Hager, Gerry Hassett, Bob Keilbach)

1. Introductions - The meeting started at 7 PM, chaired by Chapter 34 Pres. Carl Foster.
Minutes of the April 3 chapter meeting were distributed on-line and by hard copy at the

2. Treasury Report - Bob C reported that the treasury currently has $456 on hand.
Meeting attendees contributed toward the cost of the meeting room at the Church.

3. Brooklyn Peace Fair – Saturday April 26, 11AM-6PM at Long Island University’s
Brooklyn Campus, 1 University Plaza, at Flatbush and DeKalb Ave. The chapter has
endorsed the event, and will share a table with MFSO. Carl, Frank and Hugh will man the
table; and request assistance from other chapter members.

4. Body of War – a number of chapter members attended the opening and subsequent
screenings of the Phil Donahue produced Ellen Spiro documentary about Tomas Young
at the IFC theater. It was considered to be very powerful in describing the impact of an
unnecessary war on our soldiers and their families. The further screening schedule is
posted on

5. Liaison Reports – Adam Lessuck forwarded a draft IVAW proposal for local VFP
chapters to put together a panel for the National VFP convention regarding outreach to
NG armories and military bases. It will be discussed at next week’s Executive Committee

6. Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan – WBAI has presented the testimony over the past
two days, which provided detailed personal accounts about the occupations, their impact
on the troops, their families, and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. The complete
testimony is available for viewing online at
John McD passed around a draft with ideas for addressing the lack of mainstream media
coverage of antiwar events, including the Winter Soldier testimony. Chapter members
were asked to review it, for discussion at the next meeting.

7. Memorial Day Event, Sunday May 25, 11AM – Bill G proposed that we continue
the annual event, in memory of those whose lives have been lost in unnecessary wars.
We plan to meet at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at 55 Water St. with speaker(s),
and march to Battery Park, where we will have a wreath, additional speaker(s), and cast
flowers into NY Harbor. Carl will meet with Pete regarding permit applications. AJ will
provide the sound system. Frank, Greg and Hugh will bring the Chapter 34 banner and
flags. Bill and Nelson will bring flowers. Pete will contact Ben C, Ken D, Georgia W
and Tom B. Greg will contact Grannies, Women in Black, WBAI CBB, IVAW and V
Burrows. Gerry will contact John McDonagh. Appropriate attire should be worn for the
Memorial Day event.

8. Chapter Communications – Frank asked for input regarding any upcoming events, and
meeting agenda items, for e-mail blasts to the membership.

9. Chapter Website – Hugh met with Darryl to update the website, including addition of
current chapter officers. He will also add the Winter Soldier trailer to the site. The VFP
Chapter 34 site address is which is a sub-address to the Sektor 6
Kommunications website. Chapter members were asked to review the site, and discuss
the content at next week’s Executive Committee meeting. Greg’s son will also look at the
site, and provide appropriate recommendations for the next chapter meeting.

10. MFSO Action – Lionelle reported that MFSO is urging folks to support a Senate
filibuster, to stop approval of appropriations for continuation of the occupation of Iraq.

11. United Council for Veterans Rights – Pete passed around flyers regarding stopping
the sale of 25 acres of VA property, and saving the St Albans Naval Hospital for use by
veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

12. New Business/Upcoming Events

a. Friday, April 18, 6:30PM, Cooper Union, Wollman Auditorium, 51 Astor Place, NYC.
Craig and Cindy Corrie, the parents of Rachel Corrie, book reading and release of Let
Me Stand Alone: The Journals of Rachel Corrie. Rachel Corrie was a young American
peace activist who was killed on March 16, 2003, as she tried to block the demolition of a
Palestinian family's home in the Gaza Strip while the family was inside.

b. Saturday April 26, 11AM - 6PM Fifth Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair, at LIU

c. Monday May 5 – Joan Wile book signing at 82 St Barnes & Noble

d. Sunday May 25 – Memorial Day commemoration.

e. Sunday June 29 - Gay Pride Parade

f. August 28-30 – Annual VFP Convention, Minneapolis, MN

13. Peace Vigils - VFP members currently participate in four ongoing weekly peace
vigils at locations throughout NYC:

! Grandmothers for Peace - Vigil for Peace at Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue between
49 - 50 St. every Wednesday afternoon from 4:30 - 5:30 PM.

! Women in Black - Silent Peace Vigil at 41 St and Fifth Avenue every Wednesday
afternoon 5:30 - 6:30 PM
! VFP/Queens Network for Peace & Justice - 2 Peace Vigils, one at Continental Av &
Austin St. in Forest Hills, and one in front of the Flushing Library, Saturday morning
from 11AM - 12 Noon
! West Side - Peace Vigil at 82 St and Broadway every Saturday afternoon at 1PM.

14. Meeting Schedule – First and Third Thursday of each month, unless otherwise noted,
posted on the Calendar at
The next 3 general meetings of NYC Chapter 34 are scheduled for:

! Thursday May 1, 2008 - 7:00 PM at 28 E.35 Street

! Thursday May 15, 2008 - 7:00 PM at 28 E.35 Street

! Thursday June 5, 2008 - 7:00 PM at 28 E.35 Street

The Executive Committee meets once a month, at 6:30 PM, on the last Thursday of the
month. The next Executive Committee meeting will be on Thursday April 24, 2008 at 28
E. 35 St. at 6:30 PM

Bob Keilbach


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