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Miss Oats Health Notes


After a harrowing evening with a handful of Scots, I awoke to what can only be referred to as the “Scottish Flu”.  I have congestion in my sinus’, sniffles, sore throat, cough, congestion in my chest, and if feels like someone is stabbing my eardrums and burning my eyes with chlorine!  Surely, only a veterinarian can cure the Scottish flu, so I’m stuck waiting it out. 

Meanwhile, we (boyfriend and I) were supposed to start Dr. Ian’s Fat Smash Diet again, as a motivator.  Since I can’t swallow much, he’s doing it on his own, and I’m proud of him for consuming mass quantities of fruits and veggies.  We had a discussion this weekend (prior to the sheep germs that infested me) about not feeling well from consuming too much meat, and in my case dairy.  We both feel much better physically when eating well, and exercising daily.

Speaking of which, my weekday exercise partner has gone and gotten a career and will be leaving me to my own devices soon.  I wish her much luck at her new job, and I will miss her terribly on our “walks”. 

Well, I just wanted to touch base with you all, I’m going to leave you now, as I’m getting woozy and craving haggis!  If you got advice on how to rid my body of the Scottish flu, pass it along please!


To Good Health!

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